Ten-year insurance

For work well done

What does our insurance policy offer you?

At Plus Ultra Seguros, we have designed the Ten-year insurance Plus to meet the requirement of real estate developers and construction companies to comply with the current regulation on building quality.

Benefits of this insurance

The quality of your constructions guaranteed

Because we assume the damages that may arise in your property development as a result of construction defects within the first ten years.

Quick response

We process your repairs and indemnities quickly, far from the slow process of establishing liabilities.

Quick and easy contracting

Thanks to our experts, you will have the required coverage document for residential buildings in a short period of time.

Extra protection

We offer a series of additional guarantees that provide your building further protection.


Main coverage

During the first ten years of its reception, we guarantee the compensation or repair of damage in the building that originates from or affects the foundation or the structural elements and that compromises its structural safety.

Some causes that can lead to this type of damage are:

  • Design errors
  • Defects in material or workforce
  • Foundation or structure failures
  • Fire or explosion due to faults or defects in the building's installations

Besides the basic guarantee, which is compulsory by current legislation on residential buildings, Plus Ultra Seguros offers you other interesting guarantees, as well as the option of insuring non-residential building projects.


The Ten-year Insurance Plus is mainly aimed at real estate developers and construction companies.

Contracting this type of insurance is compulsory by law in order to register any residential property in the Property Rights Register. This applies to the construction of new buildings and the refurbishment of buildings built after the coming into force of the current Spanish Building Regulations.

In addition, and although it is not compulsory by law, Plus Ultra Seguros offers you the possibility of insuring non-residential buildings, such as office buildings and commercial establishments, hotels, car parks, administrative and cultural buildings or hospitals, as well as refurbishment projects. Thanks to our protection, your projects will enjoy extra protection and safety.

This insurance covers the entire building for a period of ten years as of the reception of the works. The coverage for material damage caused to the building as a result of faults or defects originating from or affecting its foundations and structure and that directly compromise the mechanical resistance and stability of the building are guaranteed.

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