SME multi-risk

SME multi-risk insurance

A boost for your company

What does our insurance policy offer you?

PYME Plus insurance offers protection for your company with the aim of allowing you to meet any eventualities arising from carrying on your activity. This insurance includes an extensive variety of covers to protect your most valuable investment: your company.

Benefits of this insurance

Everything for your SME

The best tool for your company. Very comprehensive insurance with which you only have to worry about what really matters- making your business grow.


Insurance which allows itself to be adapted to the needs and type of your business. Your company is unique and so is your insurance.

Specialist advice

Benefit from our team of professionals who specialise in SMEs to find the insurance best suited to your business simply and easily.


Main coverage

We protect your company from direct damage caused by the fire to goods insured, including the unavoidable consequences of the fire such as damage caused by smoke or that resulting from fighting the fire.

This damage will be covered regardless of the nature of the fire, whether it has been caused fortuitously, malevolently or through your own negligence or that of any of your employees.

Additional coverage

You can extend the protection of your business by including such useful covers as the repair of damage to the container without insuring the container, money in cash, money in cash register, safe or during the transportation of funds and including hioldups of clients and employees or also cover direct losses in cases of losses caused by employee infidelity.


PYME Plus is aimed at those people whose business is a small or medium-sized company and who wish to take out tailor-made insurance.

Because we know that your company is your biggest investment, taking out this insurance guarantees you cover for unforeseen damage, with the aim of minimising its impact on your company's performance.

Yes. Furthermore, at Plus Ultra Seguros we have a team of advisers who specialise in SME's who will give you the necessary information so that taking out your insurance will conform exactly with the specific features of your company.

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