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What is civil liability insurance for construction?

This civil liability insurance includes, in a single policy, the protection your company needs during the execution of works, renovations or installations, in the event of third-party claims for damage occasioned from your activity and that of your employees.

Advantages of this insurance


Choose the policy type that fits your needs, for instance, according to your business activity: developers, real estate work, public works.

Exclusive services

It includes additional guarantees such as criminal defence, damage claims, 24-hour helpline and defence in administrative matters.

Always up-to-date

Your protection will always be watertight, because we revalue your coverage amounts to keep them aligned to your current needs.

Civil liability insurance for construction

Coverage of this insurance

This civil liability insurance allows you to select and group all types of coverage related to construction, assembly and renovation activities, to make a tailor-made policy. Some of these guarantees are:

  • Operations civil liability.
  • Water damage (non-climatological).
  • Civil liability for subcontractors.
  • Adjacent goods.
  • Underground and/or aerial installations.
  • Dependent technical staff.
  • And other such as civil liability for employers, crossover or maintenance periods,


Companies working in the construction sector, such as developers, construction companies, renovation and assembly companies and similar, which want to protect their assets against potential third-party claims for damage caused while they carry out their work.

For instance:

  • A constructor worker drops a brick, causing material damage to a parked vehicle.
  • An employee is injured in a workplace accident.
  • A pane of glass falls while being fitted, causing personal damage to a person walking down the street.
  • When carrying out work, a water pipe is broken and damages the home below.

Why take out civil liability insurance for construction?

Automatic reappraisal


Complete protection