Civil liability for industries

Civil liability for companies

Civil liability insurance for industries

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What is civil liability insurance for industries?

With our civil liability insurance for industries, you will be protected from any financial losses resulting from personal and material damage caused to a third party in the course of your industrial activity. This insurance also includes criminal defence and claims management.

Advantages of this insurance

All the guarantees you need

Enjoy, in a single policy, all the coverage and services you may need to manage any third-party claims related to your business.

Revalued coverage amount

Each coverage amount in your insurance will be revalued annually so that you always have full protection.

D&O protection

Civil liability insurance for industries also offers protection to directors and officers against claims from partners, shareholders, customers, etc.

Civil liability insurance for industries

Coverage of this insurance

This is the extra-contractual civil liability that you may bear as a result of personal or material damage and the resulting economic damage caused accidentally to third parties in the normal course of your activity. 


This insurance is designed for companies that want to protect their assets from accidents and unforeseen events that may occur in the course of their activities, which may cause damage to third parties and which they must respond to financially.

Our insurance offers guarantees adapted to your business, arranged into three main blocks: relating to your property, your facilities or your activities. Contact your advisor and get the policy that best fits your needs.

There are numerous circumstances that may arise when you carry out your business activity where you may require this insurance:

  • As a result of a workplace accident, the employee of the insured person causes bodily harm.
  • A worker unloading goods damages a parked vehicle.
  • The products delivered by the insured person to consumers are damaged or in poor condition, causing personal damage.
  • While the insured person is engaged in an industrial activity, he/she causes a fire in the customer's building.

Why take out civil liability insurance for industries?


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