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What does our insurance policy offer you?

We place the best solution for your company vehicles at your disposal thanks to our insurance, which ranges from essential covers such as compulsory Civil Liability to complete cover against damage which the vehicles your company or business uses may sustain.

Benefits of this insurance

100% adapted

We offer you solutions adapted for your vehicle, whether you are self-employed or a company, with flexibility to choose those covers which you need.

Full cover

You will have a wide variety of suitable covers for your vehicles, such as damage to third parties, accidents by the driver or the fullest assistance while travelling.

Specialist advice

Because we know that your time is very valuable, our brokers and professionals will help you set up the insurance you are seeking quickly and simply.


Covers for standard family cars, minivans, ATV's and derivatives

We cover payment of possible indemnities arising from a traffic accident, your legal defence and a claim for damage which may be lodged against you and your vehicle.

Covers for other vehicles

This covers payment of possible indemnities arising from a traffic accident and covered by law for damage caused to third parties


Our company vehicle insurance is aimed at companies and businesses that are looking for the best covers for their vehicles, thanks to solutions fully adapted to their needs.

Insurance may be taken out privately or as a company, the difference being marked by the owner of the vehicle and by the use which they make of it. There are many types of vehicles which may fit into this category, from employees' or directors' standard family cars to distribution vans or lorries. For this reason, we recommend that you contact our brokers to get a proposal adapted to your vehicle and the needs of your activity or business.

And if your company has a fleet of vehicles, we will put our specific insurance for Fleets at your disposal.

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