Fleet Insurance

Your fleet under control

What does our insurance policy offer you?

Fleet insurance offers you flexible protection adaptable to your company's needs. Its wide range covers includes both vehicles and people and, furthermore, offers the possibility of including tailor-made covers.

Benefits of this insurance

Advance on indemnity

You will receive an advance on the indemnity in order to cover damage sustained by the vehicle insured because of a traffic accident of circulation or while idle.

Maximum security

Extend the public liability demanded by law with voluntary cover which provides for an compensatory indemnity in the event of damage to third parties.

Collateral guarantees

Such as assistance while travelling, personal accidents, theft, fire, glass or personal damage, so that you can complete the insurance depending on your company's needs.


Main coverage

Fleet insurance of fleets covers you for indemnities arising from the compulsory civil liability required by law for material and personal damage caused to third parties as a direct result of traffic incidents in which the vehicle insured is involved.

Furthermore, this insurance offers voluntary civil liability cover whereby if the indemnity exceeds the maximum limit legally stipulated in the compulsory public liability cover, we will give you an additional sum which may amount to 50 million euros.

Moreover, we offer you cover for defense in legal proceedings and for a claim for damage against the drivers insured in your business who are involved in a loss as a result of a traffic accident which took place with one of the vehicles insured in your fleet.

Complementary coverage

This additional cover offers you assistance on the road in the event of breakdown, loss or theft while you are travelling in Spain and abroad.


This insurance is aimed at companies with fleets of at least 10 vehicles, whether they are standard family cars, vans or lorries.

Fleet insurance guarantees protection in the event of accidents caused by your insured drivers and enables the impact which they may cause to carrying on your company's professional activity to be minimised. If you think it appropriate you may adapt the insurance covers so you also have protection in the event of damage caused by third parties to your fleet and drivers insured.

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