Repayment of loans

Repayment of loans

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What does our insurance policy offer you?

Our loan repayment insurance consists of settling loans taken out by the party insured with your company or organisation in the event of his/her death or a situation of permanent incapacity occurring, at the same time as serving as protection for his/her family as inheriting the debt is avoided.

Benefits of this insurance


We guarantee repayment by adapting to the type of loan granted the party insured.


We offer ample possibilities for payment, including instalments, and with the option of choosing the sum insured in accordance with the loan.

Double protection

Being a cover for your company, it will also offer the party insured peace of mind.

Specialist advice

We provide the necessary advice from our network of professionals specialising in life insurance so that you take out the insurance best suited to each circumstance.


Main coverage

We guarantee settlement of the loan or credit granted to the party insured person in the event of death by paying the sum provided for in the insurance contract to the bank or finance company which granted the credit as the beneficiary of the insurance.


There are three options for agreeing the amount in Loan repayment insurance so that you can choose the one which best suits the loan granted:

  • Decreasing insured capital, the same amount as the loan
  • Sum insured equivalent to the average amount of the loan
  • Sum insured adjusted to the loan and notified annually


This insurance is aimed at companies and financial and credit institutions which wish to have a guarantee that loans granted to their clients will be paid.

There is the basic repayment cover because of death and the additional repayment cover because of total permanent incapacity.

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