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Education continuity insurance

The guarantee of education

What does our insurance policy offer you?

Our education continuity Insurance is the perfect solution for educational centres and parents' associations who wish to guarantee their pupils the possibility of completing their schooling in the event of the possible death of their parents or legal guardians.

Benefits of this insurance

It protects the basics

It guarantees your pupils' education in the face of any eventuality. Their education is the most important.

A very simple option

Benefit from the simplicity of taking out this insurance and the ease of managing it.

Within the reach of all centres

Its low price per pupil allows it to be included in school fees without them hardly being increased.


Main covers

If a parent or guardian of the pupil insured dies we cover payment of a grant with which to meet the costs of the pupil's remaining schooling.

Furthermore, if you wish to have other benefits which contribute added value to this study continuity plan, you can include an additional sum to the grant for expenses such as the school canteen, transportation or books.

Benefits for educational centres and associations

We make available the possibility of choosing between two ways of taking out our Education continuity insurance: it can be voluntary, i.e. only the parents who so wish are insured, or compulsory, by including it in the cost of registration.

In addition, it has great benefits for those centres or associations with a high number of their pupils included in the insurance as in that case no medical examination is necessary.


The sum insured depends on the cost of the pupil's education and the academic course that he/she is on and so it is calculated at the start of each school course. Besides the cost of the school course, other items such as transport, the uniform, school material and extra-curricular activities may also be included.

Education continuity insurance covers both pupils' academic education in the event of the death of one of their parents or legal guardians or both, and other kinds of sport or cultural education and so is suitable for all kinds of educational centres.

We offer two types from which a centre may choose:

  • Compulsory contract through membership of the centre: this option is very convenient and interesting as the insurance premium will be included with registration or in the AMPA receipt, thus making management easier.
  • Voluntary contract: in this case, it will be the parents or guardians of each pupil who voluntarily join the plan by paying the corresponding premium.

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