Expert assessment at home

Expert assessment at home

We travel so you don't have to

We bring the expert service to your home

Discover one of the advantages of having comprehensive car insurance with Plus Ultra Seguros

Choose the location

We keep you from making unnecessary trips, as the expert will go to the location you indicate to assess the damages.

Save time

Not only on trips, but also on formalities and the time your car spends sitting in the workshop.

In good hands

You will be informed of everything directly by the expert, who will be able to set up an appointment with the workshop if you wish.

How do I use this service?

If you have comprehensive car insurance with or without a deductible, follow these steps

File the claim

You can do this through your usual broker, by calling 917 83 83 83 or by filling out our online form.

Indicate the location

Our expert will travel to the location of your choice to assess the damage to your car.

Repair the damage

Once the report has been completed, the expert will be able to set up an appointment with the right workshop and save you time on formalities and waiting.