health insurance

Health insurance

Your health comes first

What does health insurance consist of?

When we get sick and need medical care, having health insurance gives us peace of mind, convenience and above all, well-being. With the extraordinary healthcare offered by your health insurance, you will never find yourself alone in the face of a health problem or emergency situation. Discover how this policy can back you up.

What are the benefits of our health insurance?

Our health insurance policies, whether under the medical directory or cost reimbursement systems, have a lot of benefits for you.

No waiting lists

Get access to the doctors, specialists and tests you need without having to wait on long waiting lists; with appointment times that adapt to your needs.

Comprehensive medical directory

We put at your and your family's disposal a very comprehensive medical directory with more than 38,000 specialized healthcare professionals across all medical-surgical fields.

Reimbursement of medical expenses

If in addition to the very best medical directory, you are looking to have access to professionals who are not in the directory, with our reimbursement insurance system we refund you part of the costs.

Instant response

For services where medical authorization is required, our commitment is to give you a response within a maximum of 2 hours.

Renowned prestigious centres

Our comprehensive quality medical directory includes the option of accessing first-class medical centres and hospitals that have the most advanced treatments.

We take care of your dental health

Dental insurance guarantees access to quality dental services in a more affordable way, even including free treatments such as extractions and cleans.


Cosalud heathcarle: This insurance is designed for people, with or without a family, who are looking for the best private healthcare and all its advantages, such as the elimination of waiting lists and personalised care. 

Health reimbursement: This insurance is aimed at people who, whether they have a family or not, want to have a free selection of medical professionals in Spain and abroad.

Plus Ultra Seguros have the following number available for any queries or processes you want to carry out: 917 83 83 83. You can also manage your medical authorisations through this link

We provide you an extensive medical directory with over 38,000 professionals that will take care of your health just like you deserve. Access this link and find the professional you need. 

With Salud Dental Plus cover and in partnership with Dentyred, we offer you a medical dental directory made up of over 2,000 professionals throughout Spain. You can access all the information through this link.

Yes, our health insurance is designed to be flexible in order to ensure it is as customized as possible for your needs and those of your family. The insurance includes both essential guarantees and additional extensions, and offers you two systems, which you can also adapt in order to customize the insurance policy. 

Why take out health insurance with Plus Ultra?

Plus Ultra's health insurance policies stand out for their extensive and innovative cover, agility in terms of procedures and an extensive prestigious medical directory.

Exclusive cover

Cosalud healthcare offers unique cover such as the reimbursement of 80% of paediatric and gynaecology expenses or the reimbursement of up to 100 euros a year for pharmaceutical expenses.

Different systems for every kind of family

We offer different health insurance systems adapted to your family, whether you are looking for a comprehensive medical directory, solutions with co-payment with excellent discounts or a cost reimbursement policy.

Qualified professional team

During difficult times, have the very best medical professionals and centres with the most advanced healthcare techniques as well as the most experienced managers.