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Health hospitalisation benefit Insurance

All you need to think about is your recovery

What does the Health hospitalisation benefit insurance consist of?

With the Health hospitalisation benefit insurance we cover the expenses arising from a possible hospital admission, so that you only need to concentrate on your health.

Advantages of this insurance

Daily indemnity

We take care of the financial side, while you are hospitalised, so that you focus on your recovery.

Home care indemnity

Even if you are recovering it home, you will receive a daily indemnity.

In any circumstance

Regardless of the reason for your hospitalisation (illness, accident or maternity), your compensation is insured.

The best professionals at your disposal

You will have access to our medical directory of specialists, so that can receive the care you deserve.

Hospitalisation benefit

Insurance coverage

We guarantee the payment of a daily indemnity in the event of hospitalisation due to illness, maternity or accident for each day you are in hospital. In addition, this indemnity could be increased by 100% in the event of an accident.

Hospitalisation benefit medical directory


We are at your disposal to resolve your health concerns via the telephone medical guidance service on 900 369 369 or by video call through the Plus Ultra Seguros app, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. You will receive personalised assistance and guidance from a team of specialised doctors.

Of course, our hospitalisation benefit insurance has a worldwide coverage, wherever you are, and is suitable for both public and private centres.

The hospitalisation indemnities would be received once the hospitalisation period has ended, the total amount being calculated based on the number of days you remain hospitalised, with twice the compensation for the first day of hospitalisation.

Furthermore, if the reason for your hospitalisation is an accident, the daily compensation can be increased by 100%.


Yes, this hospitalisation benefit insurance applies to any situation, except for certain cases of cosmetic or dental surgery.

Why choose Health hospitalisation benefit?

Personalised Customer Service

The most advanced medical centres

Always with you