Cosalud Well-being

Health insurance for self-employed workers

Health and Well-being Insurance for the self-employed

Your well-being is your health

What does Salud well-being for the self-employed consist of?

Salud well-being for the self-employed opens the door to a wide range of private treatments and medical services with reduced or arranged prices

Medical directory

We provide you with more than 13,000 healthcare points, with medical specialities such as paediatrics, traumatology, dermatology, gynaecology, ophthalmology or psychiatry, and everything else you could need.

Dental coverage

Access to the best dental clinics throughout the country, with more than 1,000 associated clinics including exclusive free services (such as oral hygiene) and others at highly attractive prices.

Health and well-being

More than 8,000 professionals from all the disciplines you may need to maintain your health in optimal condition (physiotherapists, sports medicine, gyms, cosmetic surgery, psychologists, opticians, etc.).

No waiting lists

And all of this without any waiting lists and without waiting times, so that from the very beginning you have access to agile services with the most demanding quality standards.

Cosalud well-being

Preferential services

Because we know the importance of nutrition, we offer you our dietary specialists to help you follow a healthy diet that covers your nutritional needs. We also reimburse you for the cost of an annual consultation or check-up.

Discover everything that Salud well-being has to offer you

Other free services

You will have access to a medical video consultation 24-hours a day, for any matters concerning your health.

Verisalud Cosalud well-being medical directory


Complete medical directory at your disposal, for the different medical and diagnostic specialities:

  • Including any medical-surgical speciality (traumatology, paediatrics, dermatology, ophthalmology, psychiatry, etc.).
  • Primary care medicine.
  • Laboratory and imaging diagnostic tests (laboratory tests, CT/PET, magnetic resonance imaging, among others).

See the Salud well-being directory here.