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Home Insurance

Your home is where you feel covered

What does home insurance offer?

Home insurance guarantees you the best protection against unexpected events that can damage your home, even in situations where your family needs the most comprehensive, personalised attention.

What are the advantages of taking out our home insurance?

Having the best home insurance will give you all the peace of mind you are looking for, for your home and your family.

Completely customizable

Because every home is different, you can choose the cover that best suits your property and your family's needs.

With all the essential cover

With Hogar Plus insurance, you are covered for damage caused by water, fire, theft, and weather-related or electrical damage, as well as a lot of other damage that can be caused to your property.

Exclusive benefits and services

Services designed to make your day-to-day life easier, such as DIY, repair of domestic appliances and a phone service for medical, legal and IT queries.

For all kinds of properties

Hogar Plus insurance is designed to adapt to your property, whether you are looking for home insurance for a house, a loft, a flat or a home in the city, you will find the best offer.

Instant service

We offer you a fast, effective response from our professionals in the event of a claim, especially with claims relating to locksmiths and electricity.

We protect your interests

Your interests and those of your family will always be in good hands with the civil liability and legal protection cover provided by our home insurance.

Home insurance cover

There are many situations which could lead to your house and belongings being affected by fire, either from everyday accidents or other incidents. Plus Ultra Seguros covers you for any damage caused directly by fire, any explosions of equipment or devices (from regular use), as well as any damage caused by lightning.

Factors that influence price

The price of your home insurance is determined by the cover and services chosen, as well as by the type of property and the capital to be insured.

Type of property

The type of property, whether it is a flat or a house in the country or in the city, as well as its size in square metres, will determine the price of your home insurance.


The capital is established taking into account the cost of rebuilding your home as well as replacing all your furniture, goods and personal belonging.

Valuables and jewellery

Valuables and jewellery of a unit amount over €5,000 should be expressly declared in the policy.


Because there are things you can't foresee, but you can protect yourself against them; your home insurance offers you solutions for a range of unexpected events. Broken windows or pipes, burglaries, or fires caused by minor accidents, are just some examples.

In addition, it is the most reliable, practical, affordable, and simple way of quickly resolving any household incident.

The premises are all the elements incorporated into the property that cannot be altered, moved or located in another place without damaging them. 

This includes the physical structure of the house, walls, ceilings/roofs and floors, as well as garages, parking spaces, storage rooms, installed utilities, toilets, solar panels, or leisure facilities such as swimming pools or sports grounds. 

The content refers to all the items that are inside the property in order to make it habitable, such as furniture, furnishings and personal belongings, which are not part of the building elements.

On the one hand, you need to insure the premises for the cost of rebuilding your property, including parking spaces/garages and storage rooms, and excluding the value of the land, since this is not lost. The total square metres of floor space is used as a reference in making this calculation.

In terms of the value of contents, we recommend you make an inventory of all your goods and belongings, and consider that any jewellery and high-value objects may need to be insured individually.

Thanks to this coverage, your home insurance protects both you and your family against any damages caused to a third party, whether at home or out. 

For example, if a broken pipe in your home has an impact on your neighbour's, we would be faced with a case of civil liability. The same would apply if a plant pot fell and damaged a parked vehicle in the street. 

If the policy is for a rented property, it protects you from damages caused to third parties, including the tenant, arising from the ownership of the property. For example, if a fault in the rented property's electrical installations causes a fire that damages the tenant's belongings and possessions, as well as the neighbour's home, we would be faced with a case in which the civil liability guarantee would protect you from the economic consequences of such a claim.

The aim of this guarantee is to ensure any damage caused by an accident and the subsequent repair does not alter the aesthetics of your property in any way.

For example, you have some repairs carried out on your pipes and some tiles end up broken - and you can't find a match for the originals. With this cover, we ensure that the aesthetics of the room in question are maintained, replacing all the tiling with new similar tiles.

Why take out home insurance with Plus Ultra Seguros?

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