Home Insurance

Main residence

Your home, you decide

What does our Home insurance offer you?

With Hogar Plus insurance for your main residence, with the most comprehensive coverage, you protect your home, your belongings and many of the situations in which your family could find themselves involved in. A home insurance policy for your main residence, with all the essential cover and the option of supplementing it with optional cover.

Advantages of this insurance

The protection your house deserves

Our solutions give you the option to adapt your level of protection to the needs of your home and family.

With your home in mind

Comprehensive protection against different situations and risks that could damage your property, with flexible coverage adapted to your needs.

When it comes to your family

You'll have the solution to any unforeseen events that could affect them, whether it involves responding to third parties or protecting their interests, thanks to civil liability coverage.

And for many other reasons

You'll have innovative services and quality guarantees, making life more straightforward.


Why take out Home insurance?

The best professionals

Automatic reappraisal

Repair service