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What does Hogar rental properties insurance offer you?

Renting out a property can be very profitable, but if you don't take the appropriate precautions, it can also turn into a problem. Hogar rental properties insurance offers you the most comprehensive services so that you can rent out your property without any surprises.

Advantages of this insurance

Giving you the peace of mind you need when renting out your property.

Hogar rental property insurance offers you all the essential coverage, giving you the peace of mind you need when renting out your property.

Insured rental

We include the non-payment of rent by problematic tenants, making renting your property risk-free. We also protect your property against any damage caused by the tenant.

Complete legal protection

You could end up in court due to an unforeseen issue with your tenant, which is why we offer the best legal protection against any issue or unforeseen event.

And for many other reasons

We have a number of specialist services to ensure renting out your property is a no-hassle, worry-fee experience.


Main coverage

We provide you an exclusive service in the event of non-payment of rent for your rented home. From the moment there is a sentence on the proceedings for the tenant's eviction, we will cover the amounts unpaid by the tenant, provided that four consecutive months have not been paid.


As the landlord, you have a legal obligation to maintain the property you rent out in optimal conditions for your tenant, and to compensate any damages caused to third parties. Although this does not mean you are required to have insurance for your rental property, it is highly recommended to have a good insurance policy to help you ensure that this maintenance is optimal, for example, in the event of situations such as a burst pipe or if a fire occurs. 

Rental property insurance is designed to offer greater peace of mind concerning rental properties. To do this, home insurance policies often include specific cover to protect owners. 

Cover for damage and vandalism protects us against damage to property, vandalism and theft of personal belongings. In this way, the insured party's property is protected by a maximum amount set by companies. In the event that damages are caused, an expert will be responsible for checking the state of the property in order to meet the corresponding compensation. 

In the event that the damage caused stops the property from being rented out for a period of time, the company covers the loss of rent. This guarantee extends for the period of time that the property is unusable, but with a time or monetary limit set by the company. 

Other cover offered that guarantees the protection of rental properties is protection against non-payment of rent, covering the non-payment of rent by the tenant in monthly payments. 

Civil liability insurance covers the reparations and compensation that the insured party has to pay for damage to property or personal injury accidentally caused to third parties. 

These damages can occur both inside and outside the property (a tile that falls and hits someone, raised flooring that makes someone trip over) and may be caused in the property itself or caused directly by the insured party or members of the family living in the property. For example, if your child breaks a neighbour's window, it will be you who is liable and who they will claim compensation from. 

Beyond deterioration and damages caused to the contents or personal belonging, including short circuits and burst pipes, this policy can also cover damages caused by pets (provided said damages are not caused by a potentially dangerous dog), damages caused while playing sport as an amateur, food poisoning of a guest etc. 

If the property is rented out, the landlord is only liable for damages caused by their personal belongings or the contents of their property, consequently, they are not civilly liable for damages caused to third parties by the tenant. Therefore, regardless of whether the homeowner also includes this cover in their policy, it is the tenant who must cover their own civil liability. 

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