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What does our insurance policy offer you?

Hogar Plus vivienda desocupada is the basic, essential insurance for that property which you cannot put to use. Unoccupied does not mean unattended.

Benefits of this insurance

Essential insurance

Our Insurance for unoccupied dwellings has the best value for money and the necessary and most requested covers.

Broad protection

Damage caused by fire, floods, the weather or through the effects of water has a solution with Hogar Plus unoccupied dwelling.

Legal service

For illegal occupation proceedings, as well as cover for public liability and legal consultations over the telephone.


Main coverage

All essential covers so that your unoccupied property is protected at all times without you having to worry about anything. It includes a complete legal service made up of public liability and specific legal protection in the event of proceedings over squatting.


A simple insurance policy with all the essential coverage, if you're looking for an affordable policy that protects you against the most common situations that may arise in your unoccupied home, without sacrificing high quality service.


Because many things could happen that you may not foresee, but you can be protected against. Your home insurance protects you against many of these unforeseen events. Broken windows or pipes, burglaries, or fires caused by minor accidents, are just some examples.

In addition, it is the most reliable, practical, affordable, and simple way of quickly resolving any household incident.

The buildings are all the integrated components of your unoccupied home that are impossible to change, move, or put in another place without causing damage.

This includes the physical structure of the house, walls, ceilings/roofs and floors, as well as garages, parking spaces, storage rooms, installed utilities, toilets, solar panels, or leisure facilities such as swimming pools or sports grounds.

The contents refer to all goods found within the property to make it habitable, such as furniture, household items and personal belongings that are not part of the built components.

Firstly, you must insure the building for the cost of rebuilding your unoccupied home, including garages and storage rooms, and excluding the value of the land, as this will not be affected. To calculate that cost, you need to refer to the number of built square metres.

Regarding the value of the contents, we recommend you make an inventory of all your goods and possessions to calculate the cost of replacing them if they were lost.

Thanks to this coverage, your home insurance will protect you against any liability claims due to damages to a third party made against you as the owner of the property.

For example, if a broken water pipe in your house causes damage to your neighbour's property, you would be facing a civil liability case. The insurance would cover the repair of the damage or any compensation, if applicable.  

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