Home insurance for rental properties

Rent out your property with total confidence

What does our insurance policy offer you?

Hogar Plus for rental properties offers you the most complete services to ensure that renting your property is an experience free from complications and sudde shocks.

Benefits of this insurance

Giving you the peace of mind you need when renting out your property

Hogar Plus offers you all the essential coverage, giving you the peace of mind you need when renting out your property.

Insured rental

We include the non-payment of rent by problematic tenants, making renting your property risk-free. We also protect your property against any damage caused by the tenant.

Complete legal protection

You could end up in court due to an unforeseen issue with your tenant, which is why we offer the best legal protection against any issue or unforeseen event.

And for many other reasons

We have a number of specialist services to ensure renting out your property is a no-hassle, worry-fee experience.


Main coverage

We provide you an exclusive service in the event of non-payment of rent for your rented home. From the moment there is a sentence on the proceedings for the tenant's eviction, we will cover the amounts unpaid by the tenant, provided that four consecutive months have not been paid.


Insurance with all the essential coverage you need for your rental property if you're looking for an affordable policy that protects you against the main issues you may face with your rental property, without sacrificing high quality service.


Because many things could happen that you may not foresee, but you can be protected against: home insurance protects you against many of these unforeseen events. Broken windows or pipes, burglaries, or fires caused by minor accidents, are just some examples.

In addition, it is the most reliable, practical, affordable, and simple way of quickly resolving any household incident.

The buildings are all the integrated components of your rented property that it would be impossible to convert, move, or put in another place without damaging them.

This includes the physical structure of the house, walls, ceilings/roofs and floors, as well as garages, parking spaces, storage rooms, installed utilities, toilets, solar panels, or leisure facilities such as swimming pools or sports grounds.

The contents refer all your goods found within the rental property for the tenant's use, such as furniture, electrical appliances and other goods that are not part of the built components.

One the one hand, you need to insure the buildings: the cost of rebuilding your rental property, including any garages or storage, and excluding the value of the land, as this could not be lost. To calculate that cost, you need to refer to the number of built square metres.

If you would like to include the contents, you need to make an inventory of all your goods in your rental property to include them in the insurance contract.

Thanks to this coverage, your home insurance you will protect you against any damages to a third party deriving from the property, which could include a tenant.

For example, if an electrical fault in the rental property causes a fire which damages the tenant's household equipment or goods, and also the neighbour's house, you could be facing a civil liability case. This guarantee would protect you against any financial consequences arising from the claim.

The aim of this guarantee is to ensure any damage caused by an accident and the subsequent repair does not alter the aesthetics of your property in any way.

For example, you have some repairs carried out on your pipes and some tiles end up broken - and you can't find a match for the originals. If you have this coverage we take care of maintaining the aesthetic of the area affected, and would replace all of the tiles for new ones with similar characteristics.

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