Friendly accident statement

Friendly accident statement

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Why is a friendly accident statement important?

In the event of a traffic collision between two vehicles, the best way to inform the respective insurance companies, to expedite the procedures and minimise any discrepancies in the versions of the incident, is to complete the friendly accident statement.

Tips for filling in the friendly accident statement

We offer you some good practices that, in the event of a collision with another vehicle, will help you to ensure that the procedure is carried out in the best possible way

Keep calm

After having an accident, however trivial, there is always a degree of stress. You must remain calm and situate yourself in a safe place, making it easier for other vehicles to circulate, if possible.

Gather as many details as possible

Use clear writing and capital letters, complete all the fields and describe in detail the circumstances of the event, not omitting any information.

Try to make the sketches clear and concise

Include each area of impact and direction of the cars at the time of the accident, as well as the names of the streets where the collision occurred and the traffic signs in the area. If possible, try to take some photographs.

Inform all the parties involved

Indicate whether a reporting authority has intervened or if there are any witnesses, noting their details in the corresponding section to be used in the event of possible future actions.

Keep a copy

Once completed, you must sign the statement for the parties concerned, but only if you agree with the version written down. Make sure you keep a copy and do not change or add any more information, as it would invalidate the document.

Inform us of the accident

Contact us as soon as possible, through the usual channels, within the first 7 business days, as this is the legal period that will allow our Company to carry out the procedures with other insurers in the most effective way for your interests.

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The friendly accident statement is the appropriate instrument for expediting the management and processing of car accidents, thus facilitating the repair of material damage caused to the vehicles involved.

To facilitate the procedures and possible claims to other companies related to the affected vehicles, it is important to provide as many details as possible. However, the ones that should never be missed are:

  • Those related to the identification of the vehicles involved (registration, make and model, colour, etc.);
  • The incident location, indicating the names of the streets;
  • A sketch or simple drawing indicating the direction each vehicle was facing, traffic signs and initial point of collision;
  • A brief description of what happened.

If you agree with the completed statement, sign it and keep a copy. Remember that it will be used to determine the liability of the accident.

If the emergency services (police, fire brigade or medical services, among others) are involved, you must indicate this in the corresponding section of the statement.

In this case, it identifies which service is involved (ambulance, civil guard, local police, etc.) and the report number, in order to be able to use it in the resolution of the accident.

It is common for the parties, at a later stage, to want to modify some information from the information gathered in the friendly accident statement. If this happened, this document would be invalidated.

If you need to provide new information or modify any aspect of your statement, please inform your Company or your mediator.