Income insurance

Income insurance

Ensure a monthly income

What does income insurance offer?

Plus Ultra's income insurance is designed for people who have savings and are looking to maximise the returns on their money with the aim of guaranteeing a supplement to their monthly income for the future.

Advantages of this insurance

Annuities are essentially designed for people looking for a regular income, with additional interest and very attractive taxation.

Risk free

A financial supplement to your standard income, completely guaranteed.

Maximum flexibility

We offer you different options so that you can enjoy your income however you wish.


Receive an income that guarantees that you can maintain your quality of life and that of your family.

Tax exemptions

Excellent tax systems for income received.

Individual savings plan


With this modality, the life annuity is paid monthly while the insured person is living. There is also the possibility of taking out an additional guarantee to allow, in the event of the death of the insured person within the first 10 years of the policy, the beneficiaries to receive the amount of the single premium paid at the time of taking out the policy.

Profit Sharing

All the modalities of immediate income will have a share in profits.

The amount of the annual income to be paid to the insured party is established in accordance with a technical interest rate, and is revalued annually based on the net financial profits of costs obtained by the company, for the investment of mathematical provisions.

Taxation of income insurance

In the case of temporary income, the taxation of the income insurance depends on the length of time you decide to receive your income. In the case of life annuities, tax exemptions are determined according to the age of the insured party when taking out the insurance.

Taxation of temporary income

Up to 5 years88%
Between 5 and 10 years84%
Between 10 and 15 years80%
More than 15 years75%

Taxation of life annuity insurance

Under 40 years old60%
Between 40 and 49 years old65%
Between 50 and 59 years old72%
Between 60 and 65 years old76%
Between 66 and 69 years old80%
70 years old or more92%


Income insurance can be cancelled after the first annuality, provided there is cover that allocates capital to the beneficiaries, that is, it can be cancelled in the case of Temporary Income and not in the case of Life Annuities. In this case, the capital to be redeemed will depend on the value guaranteed when taking out the contract.

In this situation, customers will receive the monthly sums, which supplement their income, throughout their lifetime, regardless of how long they live, guaranteed. 

No, the product has a single premium, i.e. a contribution is made when you take out the insurance, allowing you to receive the income and serving as the income supplement you are looking for. 

Why take out income insurance with Plus Ultra Seguros?

Tax benefits

Because we advise you on how to get the best tax treatment.


We offer different options so that you can choose what's best for you.


With the very best guarantees that your money is in safe hands.