Savings and retirement insurance

Investment insurance

The best combination for your savings

What does investment insurance offer you?

Among the different savings and investment insurance policies available, Plus Ultra Seguros offers a variety of options depending on how long you want to have your money invested, so that you can save very easily.

How does investment insurance work?

With investment insurance, you decide how much money you want to save, achieving returns, for the length of time you choose; all with minimal risk.

In this way, you can achieve a financial cushion to help you face unexpected situations or even start up other major projects in your life.

What are the advantages of this insurance?

With Plus Ultra Seguros investment insurance, you will achieve good returns in the simplest possible way.

Guaranteed interest

We will advise you of the applicable interest rate before you take it out and maintain it throughout the term of the investment insurance.

Maximum accessibility

You may access all or part of the funds invested, without any penalties, one year after taking out the investment insurance.


Adapt your savings and investment insurance to your financial capacity and the time horizon that best suits you.

Complete transparency

We will keep you updated about the evolution of your investment insurance and the returns obtained at all times.

Always thinking about your loved ones

At the end of the agreed term, you will receive the amount of your investment together with the returns obtained. Even in the event of death, the beneficiary that you appoint will receive your entire investment.


Because this is savings and investment insurance that lets you protect your assets from market fluctuations, with the possibility of obtaining returns and without giving up liquidity.

Medium-term investment

How is this kind of insurance taxed?

In the event of benefits in the form of capital paid to the beneficiary (provided this is the policyholder), the difference between the capital received and the premium paid will be taxed in the beneficiary's personal income tax (IRPF), with the result being classified as income from capital and integrated into the tax base for the savings. This result will be subject to withholding tax at the tax rate legally in force for the autonomous community of residence of the beneficiary. 

Benefits in the event of death or if the beneficiary is not the policyholder are taxed under Inheritance and Gift Tax.

What are the returns on the investment insurance?

The returns offered by our investment insurance will depend on the term you have chosen as the time horizon for your savings and the amount invested, as well as other factors. 

Thus, depending on the investment insurance policy chosen, you will know what the returns are in advance with guaranteed interest rates for the life of the investment or, on the other hand, there will be annual reviews, always with the option of redeeming all or part of your savings after the first annuality.


When you take out an investment insurance policy, you contribute an initial amount and, on the agreed maturity date, you receive your contribution plus the interest generated.
In this way, you can obtain additional capital for any project that requires funds, such as your children's education, a once in a lifetime trip, the renovations you have always wanted to do at home, or even as a supplement to your pension.

You can choose our insurance for the medium or long term, choosing whatever suits your circumstances best. However, you should bear in mind that returns are usually higher the longer your investment. 

On the other hand, with the Plus Ultras Seguros medium-term investment insurance, you will know what the guaranteed returns are in advance, while there is an annual rate review with our long-term investment insurance.

Contributions or premiums for investment insurance, unlike other savings insurance policies, do not have any limits when it comes to the maximum amount to be contributed. Whereas there is a minimum amount or premium, depending on the system chosen.

Why take out investment insurance with Plus Ultra?

At Plus Ultra Seguros, we always want to offer you the very best investment options for your savings, looking to obtain the best returns for you with the lowest possible risk.

Personal management

Our team of specialists have extensive experience in managing these kinds of products, and will always look for the best way to maximize the returns on your savings.


Decide how much you want to invest and for how long, and we will take care of the rest. We keep you updated on the situation of your investment at all times.

Maximum liquidity

If you need to redeem part or even all of your savings, you can do so from the first annuality, under the terms previously agreed.