Long-term investment

Long-term investment insurance

Minimum risk, maximum investment

What is our long-term investment insurance for?

The Plus Ultra Seguros long-term investment insurance, Vida inversión activa Plus, is especially designed for people like you; forward-looking with long-term projects. We offer you the possibility of making a highly profitable investment that will optimise the returns on your money over 10 years.

Benefits of this insurance

Simple, with a single payment, without giving up the option of redeeming your investment before the end of the term, and knowing the returns in advance.

Guaranteed interest

We let you know the applicable interest rate for your investment, which is updated yearly, in advance. Maximum returns from day one, risk free.

Maximum accessibility

Whether you need to access all of the money invested or just a part of it, you can do so once one year has elapsed since your first contribution.

One-off contribution

Make a one-off contribution when you take out the investment plan contract, and enjoy the interest established when taking out the contract.

Long-Term Investment
1 /6

This number indicates the product risk, with 1/6 representing the lowest risk and 6/6 representing the highest risk.

Taxation information

You will only be taxed on the returns generated by your Vida inversión activa Plus plan when you choose to access your funds.


Vida inversión activa Plus is designed for people looking to save over the long term in a convenient, safe way, but without giving up the option of accessing all or some of their savings without any charges after the first year.

You can access your savings, fully or partially, at any time once one year has elapsed since you made your first contribution. If you withdraw your savings once 10 years have elapsed since your first contribution was made, you will receive all of the returns generated.

The applicable interest rate varies from case to case, and is determined after studying your specific situation. We will communicate this interest rate to you before entering into a savings plan contract. The rate will be applied for the first year out of the 10-year validity of the investment contract. It is updated annually.

Why take out your Long-term investment insurance with Plus Ultra Seguros?

Because you never stop thinking about your family, we offer you a product full of advantages for you and your loved ones.

When it comes to your family

Because your family is the priority for you and for us.


Guaranteed returns known in advance.


With a single premium. We take care of everything.

Information on returns

The Vida Inversión Activa Plus savings plan offers you excellent returns with the lowest possible risk. Your initial investment will be at your disposal once one year has elapsed since the first contribution was made. The applicable interest rate is personalised, and is calculated on the basis of your age and the quantity invested, among other parameters. The interest rate will be communicated to you in advance so that you know the returns that will be produced on your savings during the first year of investment. Starting from the second year, and up to the tenth year of the contract, we will add an additional annual interest to the guaranteed interest.

Examples of returns

Capital EurosSurrender value 1st yearAPR