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What is this insurance?

If you are looking for attractive returns on your savings and would prefer not to wait too long to access them, we offer our Increasing investment insurance plan. By making an initial contribution you will get guaranteed returns, which we'll inform you about in advance according to your time horizon. You will be able to redeem your money after the first nine months, if you wish.

Advantages of this insurance

Enjoy the chance to capitalize on your money, without any risks and with all the information you need from the outset.

Guaranteed interest during the investment

We inform you of the applicable interest rate each quarter, and this will not change during the term of the investment plan.

Your money, when you need it

You will be able to access the invested capital, fully or partially, and without any penalty, once 9 months have elapsed since the plan was formalised.

Thinking of your loved ones

In the event of death, the person named as the beneficiary of the insurance policy will receive the accumulated balance plus an additional amount of capital.

Ahorro capital insurance modalities

Intended for savers with a conservative profile who wish to make sporadic contributions. It allows you to benefit from a guaranteed interest rate for a term of 1 year. After this period, the interest rate will be fixed quarterly.

Ahorro capital

Risk profile / return

Smaller risk Major risk
Usually smaller yield Usually great yield

This number indicates the product risk, with 1/6 representing the lowest risk and 6/6 representing the highest risk.

Alerts on liquidity

The early withdrawal, redemption or refund of part or all of the invested principal are subject to fees or penalties.

Medium-term investment


Yield generated by your Increasing Investment plan will be liable for tax when you decide you want your money.


Increasing investment is aimed at all investors who want to yield a profit from their capital, in a secure and guaranteed way.

You can access the capital you have invested, fully or partially, nine months after the first contribution has been made, without any penalty.

The applicable interest rate is calculated on a case-by-base basis, as variables such as age and the amount of capital contributed are both taken into account. Each quarter, we will let you know the interest rate applicable to your savings over the term of the policy.

Why take out an Increasing investment plan?

Talk with your broker about how to obtain the highest returns with our medium-term investment insurance.

When it comes to your family

Because your family is the priority for you and for us.


Guaranteed returns known in advance.


With a single premium. We take care of everything.


Vida inversión creciente gives you guaranteed returns during the policy's term. Furthermore, if you want to redeem the capital contributed, fully or partially, you can do so without any form of penalty once 9 months have elapsed since the insurance contract was formalised. In this case, the full redemption will be subject to the market value of the asset associated to the contract. The interest rate applied to your investment is calculated on a case-by-case basis according to a few parameters, such as your age and the quantity invested. We will communicate all of this information to you each quarter, which will allow you to calculate your returns during the contract's term.

Increasing investment

Sole premium paid in eurosGuaranteed sum in euros on maturity
€ 300,000€318,393