Family legal protection

Legal protection

Family legal expenses and protection insurance

Your interests in the best hands

What does our family legal defence and protection insurance offer you?

We offer our Family Plus legal insurance for you to feel supported in protecting your family's interests. With this insurance, you have access to a comprehensive legal advisory service, the very best legal defence in court and a variety of solutions for any disputes in your day-to-day life.

Benefits of this insurance

Legal advice

We provide you with an extensive network of lawyers with expertise in all fields and who will advise you whenever needed, whether over the phone, by email or at their office.


Whenever you may need it, we help you defend your rights, whether in your personal and family life, or as respects your property.

Legal defence

You will have a team of lawyers and professionals at your availability if you need to defend yourself against any claim affecting your personal life.

Protection for landlords

As rental protection insurance, we offer you the very best cover to defend your rights and act in the event of non-payment of rent.

Family legal protection

Cover provided by Protección Jurídica Familiar Plus

We offer you this cover so you can solve any legal queries and receive expert advice, whether over the phone, by email or at a lawyer's office. You may also enjoy the following services:

  • Drafting and revision of contracts, writs or claims related to the rent or sale of housing, property or vehicles owned by you or you are thinking of purchasing in the near future

  • Out-of-court advice in a situation that affects your legal situation

  • Advice in possible writs of summons, providing you information on its origin if unknown by you and advising you as soon as possible

  • Assistance in writs of summons as a witness, providing advice and, if necessary, assistance at court

Protection for landlords

If you are a landlord of one or more homes, our Protección jurídica familiar Plus insurance will guarantee the legal defence of your rights and interests in connection with the legal contracts established, with the following cover:

  • Legal helpline for the landloard
  • Defence of rights relating to the rented home
  • Defence and claim of the tenancy agreement, covering eviction trials resulting from non-payment or unauthorised construction work
  • Non-payment of rent by the tenant, assuming up to 100% of the capital you insure, with a limit of 12 months of income, starting from the second monthly rental payment that is not paid
  • Damage caused due to acts of vandalism carried out by the tenant to your property's premises, that is, its fixed elements and installations


Because in many everyday situations your rights may not be respected, and you may choose not to defend yourself due to the complexity and cost of initiating a claim.

With our Seguro protección jurídica familiar Plus, you will have all the support of a professional team to manage the procedures required to defend your rights and interests and those of your family, and at a very competitive, reasonable cost.

We adapt to your family situation and offer different modalities depending on what you want to insure: 

  • Protection for your family and housing, excluding those that are rented: with the possibility of taking out essential or extended covers 
  • Protection for your family and housing, including those that are rented: with the possibility of taking out essential or extended covers and including the covers specified in the section "Comprehensive protection for the landlord" 
  • Protection for rented housing, including the covers specified in the section "Comprehensive protection for the landlord"

There are a multitude of situations that can be resolved with the benefit of Protección jurídica familiar Plus insurance, for example: 

  • Would you like to have a lawyer that can advise you whenever you require so? We provide you with a network of lawyers that will advise you over the phone, by email or even at their office. 
  • Do you have problems with your neighbours? Don't you agree with your landlord? Our lawyers will defend and claim your rights relating to the property. 
  • Do your children receive threats at school? Our lawyers will defend you and your family and file claims concerning harassment or bullying against those responsible for such attacks. 
  • Hasn't your tenant paid the rent for several months? Our lawyers will judicially claim any unpaid rent, and they will request an eviction on your behalf.

Why take out Legal defence and protection insurance with Plus Ultra Seguros?


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