Community Legal Protection

Legal protection

Community legal protection

A lawyer for your community

What is Community legal protection and defence insurance?

With our Community legal protection insurance, we protect, advise and defend the needs, rights and interests of your community of property owners. We also offer you a comprehensive advisory service on everyday problems affecting the community and its legal defence.

Advantages of this insurance

Legal service

Receive guidance and response to legal issues in all areas that your community requires.


With this legal protection insurance, we defend your interests against courts in matters related to the community of property owners.


We take charge of the entire claim process in matters ranging from damages caused by third parties to breach of contract.

Advance of expenses

We advance the payment of expenses related to legal processes of non-payment claims and take responsibility for the costs of verifying damages.

Community legal protection

Coverage of this insurance

Get access to a professional team of legal specialists who will provide you with advice in person, by telephone or by email, however you prefer. You can also request the drafting of contracts, a claim letter or a review of legal documents.

Optional coverage

  • Claims: for breach of supply contracts, reform works, estate management or administration, and also claim processes to co-owners to access and make necessary repairs to common elements.
  • Legal defence: you can extend your community's civil liability defence and include bail expenses.
  • Expenses: protect your community against non-payment and claims by adding coverage for the advance of expenses for legal and surveyor's fees.


To all communities of urban property owners located in Spain. Furthermore, this insurance not only covers the risks suffered in the property, but it also defends the rights and interests of both the owners' community and its members, president and other board members and even non-owners administrators.

Having a legal protection and defence policy will be of great help to the community in cases such as:

  • Problems with adjacent buildings.
  • Non-payment by owners for dues or extraordinary fees.
  • On receiving administrative sanctions.
  • Breach of contract by a cleaning service company.
  • In the event of illegal occupation.
  • In criminal proceedings affecting the community's president.

Why take out Community legal protection insurance?

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