Driver's legal protection

Legal protection

Driver's legal protection insurance

With you when you drive

What does our Driver's legal protection insurance offer you?

With our Legal protection insurance for drivers, we will be responsible for your legal advice and defence, as well as the protection of your interests when you drive, whether you are a professional driver or not. We offer you a full range of guarantees to help you solve everyday problems that can occur when you are behind the wheel.

Advantages of this insurance

Legal advice

We provide you with an extensive network of lawyers with expertise in all fields and who will advise you whenever needed, whether over the phone, by email or at their office.

Financial protection

As you will receive financial compensation for the loss of points or for the temporary withdrawal of your driving licence.

Legal defence

With this Legal protection insurance, we offer you legal advice related to driving, we help you to make extrajudicial claims and we even defend your interests before courts and institutions.


Our Driver's legal protection insurance also helps you with any management procedure related to your vehicle or driving licence.

Driver's legal protection
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Coverage of this insurance

We manage the entire claims process, either friendly or legal, from drafting to processing and monitoring, in matters such as:

  • Claim for defective vehicle repair, whether due to accident or breakdown.
  • Claim for damages arising from the breach of the vehicle guarantee contract.


This insurance is designed for all drivers, professionals or otherwise, who want to have a series of defence, advice and legal protection coverage options, to ensure their interests as a driver, making it the perfect supplement to your motor insurance.

The Driver's legal protection insurance perfectly complements the motor insurance, as it provides extra guarantees not included in the policy and that will be of great help to you, such as:

  • Legal defence in the event of driving licence suspension.
  • Defence of penalties before the administrative dispute tribunal.
  • Fines for traffic violations.
  • Subsidy for the loss of driving licence points.
  • Payment of the licence recovery courses after it has expired.
  • Rental of replacement vehicle or subsidy for the vehicle's stoppage.
  • Claim for defective repairs carried out by official vehicle repair shops, with the drafting of an expert report and, if necessary, we will even make a legal claim.