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Life insurance

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What does our Temporary life insurance offer you?

Our Temporary life insurance policy is the best choice for guaranteeing peace of mind for you and your family in the event of any unforeseen event. It is a flexible solution that lets you relax in the knowledge that your loved ones will not have any problems when you are no longer around.

Advantages of this insurance

Exclusive services

Temporary life offers you coverages that you will be able to use from day one, such as the online will or the telephone helplines for medical guidance and legal assistance.

Highly flexible

A flexible solution, since you decide the amount of capital you want to guarantee your loved ones' future if something unexpected were to happen.

The solution you're looking for

You can add permanent and total disability cover, as well as assuring the payout of double the capital in the event of death or disability caused by an accident or triple the capital if caused by a road accident.

Tax benefits

Compensation due to the death of the insured person can lead to significant tax reductions for the beneficiaries, depending on the autonomous region of the country.


Insurance coverage

With this cover, the beneficiaries mentioned in the insurance policy will receive an indemnity in the event of the insured person's death. Furthermore, you can customise your insurance policy by choosing from the various extensions that are available for this cover:

  • Death by accident: with this optional cover, the beneficiary will receive twice the insured capital if the death is caused by an accident,
  • Death caused by traffic accident: if you also include this coverage, the capital will be three times the capital insured if the death is caused by a road accident. Temporary life also has an additional capital for the insured person's children if both parents pass away in the road accident.
Medical guidance

A doctor on call for you 24/7

If you have any questions about your health, medical centres you can visit or which pharmacies are open, we will gladly help you.

More information


In this insurance format, the policy is taken out for a one-year period, and may be renewed annually. VidaPlus renewable allows you to choose a capital amount that remains constant throughout the policy term, or alternatively a capital amount that progressively increases by being revalued with each renewal, according to the CPI or a fixed percentage of 1% or 10%.

Online will

Access the online will service

If you already have your life insurance policy with us, discover now how the online will service works and all the benefits it offers you.

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In most cases, life insurance that we take out with the mortgage only covers payment for the property. In this regard, if anything happens, the banking institution is protected. But what about our family? Can we be sure that we are covered?

For this reason, it's advisable to take out life insurance that allows our family to maintain a stable economic situation, as well as one that settles the mortgage. A simple insurance policy such as Temporary life is the perfect option for this.

Our finances can cover the needs of our family, but they should also cover the difference between Social Security coverage and our current standard of loving.

And what would happen in the case of disability? There would be a significant increase in expenses, such as for doctors and home care, which, combined with the decreased income, would reduce our initial finances considerably.

Public administrations grant provisions in the case of orphanhood, widowhood and occupational disabilities, but they are only a percentage of the regulatory base of the recipient, and so we need to cover the difference between Social Security coverage and our current living standard.

Yes, the insured capital will be paid to whoever you choose. They do not have to be your legal heirs. Additionally, if the provision is received in the form of capital, as a consequence of the death of the insured party, and the beneficiaries are the insured person's children, spouse or other direct family members, they can receive important reductions to the tax base, depending on the region of the country, by presenting a Tax on Inheritance declaration.

Finding out what exact capital is as easy as answering three simple questions:

  • The monthly income you want to guarantee for your spouse and children.
  • How long you will need this cover for.
  • Your family's current economic situation: the savings available and financial encumbrances.

The best option is to undertake a full analysis with your insurance broker. They will provide you with a personalised study that will allow you to determine what capital you need to take out to ensure the economic needs of your family are well covered.

Why take out your life insurance?


As you establish the capital you want to insure, depending on your particular circumstances.

When it comes to your family

Because your family is the priority for you and for us.


With a single premium. We take care of everything.