Motorcycle insurance

Motorcyle insurance

Motorcycle Insurance

You will never feel alone on the road

What does motorcycle insurance offer you?

Our Motorcycle Insurance offers you essential, extendible protection so that you can adapt your cover to suit your needs. Apart from compulsory civil liability, this insurance offers you covers such as voluntary civil liability, criminal defence of the party insured and the handling of fines, making it the best option for insuring your motorcycle or scooter.

Advantages of this insurance

Taking out the best insurance for motorcycles will give you big benefits:

Maximum covers

We cover compulsory and voluntary civil liability, thus extending the protection set by law.

Additional extensions

Our insurance for motorcycles and mopeds offers you a wide range of additional guarantees so you can draw up a customized product.

Protection for you and your motorcycle

Choose if you want extended protection both for rider and passengers. You can also include cover for theft, fire and own damage.


Main cover included with motorcycle insurance

Our insurance for motorcycles and mopeds guarantees you payment of any compensation arising from compulsory civil liability under the law as a result of damages caused to property or personal injury caused to third parties with the insured motorcycle. 

In addition, voluntary civil liability cover is included, whereby if the compensation exceeds the legally-established maximum limit under compulsory civil liability cover, we give you supplementary capital of up to 50 million euros. 

This also guarantees you cover for your legal defence required during legal proceedings and claims for damages, in which the insured driver may be involved as a result of a traffic accident occurring with the insured vehicle. 

Additional coverage

An option available in one form for the rider only and another for the rider and the passengers or companions of the motorcycle.. It includes indemnity for personal damage and covers the death, incapacity and medical treatment of the rider and the companion of the motorcycle. 


Our motorcycle insurance is designed for owners or drivers of a motorcycle, scooter or moped who are looking for a balance between a comprehensive insurance policy and a competitive price. Furthermore, it is adapted to every person according to their needs with its tailor-made extensions. If you are looking for maximum protection for the rider or extensive covers for damage to your motorbike or scooter, we have the appropriate option. 

Defence in traffic violations consists of an exclusive service whereby we will deal with the management and handling of recourse action due to fines and sanctions which you may have incurred. 

You can complete your insurance for motorcycles and mopeds with two optional guarantees. The first one is cover for personal injuries which protects damage which the rider or his/her companion may suffer. The second protects your motorcycle in situations such as theft or possible damages that could occur as a result of an accident. For more information, we recommend you read the section "Additional coverage." 

Why take out Motorcycle insurance?

You will have the daily backup of an entire organization that wants to make your life a little easier.

Travel assistance from 0 km

Because unexpected events can happen at any time, we offer you roadside assistance from your front door.

Management of fines

We help you in managing any traffic offences you might commit, and we even file any relevant claims.

The best professionals

You will have an entire network of professionals at your service, who will resolve any areas relating to your insurance policy in the best possible way.