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As of 15 July 2020, in order to access the new customer area you must complete the registration process which is initiated from this link.

Follow these steps and start enjoying the advantages of e-Customer:

Log in and you will receive a code

Enter your details (tax ID number, e-mail, telephone number), which must match the details we have, and you will receive a security code to your mobile phone via SMS.

Sign your contract electronically

To complete your registration on e-Customer, you must sign an online service contract using the security code you have received via SMS.

Set your password

Once your service contract has been signed, you must set a password. To log in, your username will be your tax ID number and the password you have chosen.

Register now to access e-Customer

Register now!

Complete the registration process and access the new e-customer services using the following link.

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Registration process according to the type of user

If you do not currently have a life, savings or health insurance policy with Plus Ultra Seguros, the process is very simple and you will be able to complete it online:

  1. Access the new registration page and enter your personal details, which must match those registered with the company as a customer (tax ID number, e-mail, telephone number).
  2. Once your details have been validated, we will show you the general terms and conditions of the Logalty service, who will be the trusted provider responsible for processing the registration using electronic signature.
  3. You will receive a PIN code via an SMS sent to your mobile phone to then sign the contract.
  4. You just have to choose a password and you will be able to access the new e-Customer area.


The e-Customer area is a completely new service with security and data protection measures that will allow us to offer you different ways to carry out your online procedures and secure transactions.

We will be happy to help you by telephone 917 83 83 83 or, if you prefer, by contacting your usual broker.

If you do not remember any of these, which are necessary to complete the registration process, you can contact us, either through your broker, by calling 917 83 83 83 or by sending a query from the "Request information" option on this page.

We are currently working on developing our services and features that will make your day-to-day easier with the new e-Customer, such as accessing useful documents related to your products. Meanwhile, we will provide you with the necessary certificates through your broker or call us on 917 83 83 83.

This is a simpler and quicker service, which you can access from any type of device to do online procedures, such as:

  • View the status of your policies and their coverage.
  • Check the status of your savings insurance.
  • Review your personal and bank details.
  • Download duplicate policies and receipts.
  • Contact your broker.
  • Online chat with Customer Service.
  • Discover relevant news and promotions.

We will add new services to help you manage your policies with Plus Ultra Seguros.