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What does our insurance policy offer you?

Cosalud healthcare is the all-inclusive solution for all your medical needs and those of your family. It has a full medical team and the best healthcare and surgical and hospital treatment.

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Contract your Cosalud healthcare insurance before 28 February and enjoy two months free (November and December 2018) on your insurance.

Because your health and your family deserve the best, contact your broker or find the agent closest to you now and discover the advantages of having a comprehensive and quality health insurance at the best price.

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Benefits of this insurance

All the assistance that you need

With the best healthcare, hospital and surgical services, a 24-hour telephone medical line and a fast response for authorisations, within a maximum of 2 hours.

The best professionals

An ample medical framework so that you and your family are seen to by the best professionals and in the most prestigious clinics and hospitals.

The most advanced medical centres

With the most advanced and innovative treatments and renowned centres, such as the Quirón Group, Hospitals in Madrid, the NISA Group or the Tenon clinic, among others.

Cosalud healthcare

Main coverage

You will have access to primary medicine queries in areas such as general medicine, paediatrics and childcare, ambulance services, nursing, emergencies at home and outpatient emergencies in medical centres.


This option grants you access to all services and treatments included in the contract of insurance and to the whole medical team, without the need for to pay anything during the visit.


This insurance is aimed at people who, whether they have a family or not, want the best private healthcare and all of its advantages, such as no waiting lists and personalised assistance.

Yes, this healthcare insurance has a flexible design so that you can adjust the policy as much as possible to your needs and those of your family. This insurance includes essential guarantees and additional extensions, offering you two contract categories, which you can also adapt so that the insurance is tailor-made for you.

Cosalud healthcare provides an extensive medical team with over 38,000 professionals that will take care of your health just like you deserve. Access it via this link and find the professional you require.

In collaboration with Dentyred, the Salud dental Plus coverage provides a dentistry directory with more than 2,000 professionals across Spain. You can access all the information at this link.

Plus Ultra Seguros have the following numbers available for any queries or processes you want to carry out: 902 25 10 25 or 91 783 83 84. You can also manage medical authorisations here.

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The most advanced medical centres

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