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A new dimension for your savings

There are lots of reasons why it is recommendable to save. Whether you want to prepare for your retirement, plan a trip or set up a fund for emergencies, you will find the savings insurance that is best suited to you from among the interesting options we offer you. And moreover, now with our Otoño más vida campaign, get the latest in 3D technology with the original virtual reality glasses, the Prixton VR200.

Take home this exclusive gift* when you take out your savings insurance or life insurance policy, or when you make a one-off contribution if you already enjoy the benefits of having your savings plan with Plus Ultra Seguros. We offer you many solutions made to measure:

  • A long-term savings plan, Ahorro 5 SIALP Plus
  • An individual systematic savings plan, PIAS Plus
  • A flexible savings insurance policy, Vida horizonte Plus
  • Or our life insurance policies, VidaPlus, Vida express Plus or Vida amortización Plus


What differentiates a life insurance policy from a savings insurance?

Both can be considered insurance policies that provide economic stability in difficult times or in situations where a reduction in income is expected.

Life insurance policies, also known as life risk insurance policies, provide a benefit payment to the beneficiaries in the event of the policyholder's death. Taking out a life insurance policy is a way of helping our family members and those closest to us so that, when we are no longer around, they can cover the payment of loans, mortgages, some studies, and so on. 

Savings insurance policies offer us a return and benefits in the long term for our savings, whether it is contributing a small amount on a regular basis, or investing an accumulated sum of money that we have inherited or received as an insurance payout. There are many solutions available, depending on your objective, your age and your profile as a saver.

If you are interested in finding out more about life and savings insurance policies, contact your mediator or find your nearest agent, and make the most of this opportunity to get this gift with the Otoño más vida campaign.