Pension plan Plus transfers and contributions campaign

Saving for your future comes with a reward

Obtain your gift

Enjoy your plan for the future now!

Have you already signed up for your Pension plan Plus or your PPA futuro Plus guaranteed benefit plan? If so, in addition to getting the very highest return on your savings, you can also get a terrific gift when you make a one-off contribution or a transfer from another plan before 31 December 2017.

Depending on the amount of the transfer or the one-off contribution you make, you will get access to exclusive gifts such as*:

  • Samsung 50" television

  • 4-day trip to Paris

  • iPhone 7 32GB

  • Bolero BH bicycle

  • Lenovo Tablet 3 850F

You can select one of the gifts of the promotion or, if you prefer, you can get up to 2% interest over a 4-year period (0.5% annually) for your transfer or one-off contribution to a Pension plan Plus  or a PPA futuro Plus (**).

What do pension plans and guaranteed benefit plans offer you?

The first thing you must know is that both products are forms of long-term saving, of a voluntary and supplementary nature. In other words, they are not a replacement for the contributions and provisions to the Social Security Institute, nor do they take away our right to receive a public pension when we retire.

Their purpose is to accumulate a sum of capital which you can enjoy after you retire, although there are also certain situations in which you can receive the benefits in advance, such as in the event of permanent disability, severe illness or the death of the member, or in other situations such as long-term unemployment, eviction from your usual residence and also after 10 years have elapsed since the first contribution.

The Pension plan Plus and the PPA futuro Plus guaranteed benefit plan are the best way to get returns on your retirement savings, with complete flexibility and adapted to the way you save.