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What does public liability insurance entail?

Public liability insurance protects your assets, guaranteeing your peace of mind in the event of any unforeseen event that involves the payment of compensation due to accidental damages caused to third parties, as well as insuring against the legal expenses incurred in your defence, if any.

Advantages of this insurance

Having Public Liability Insurance gives you extra peace of mind, covering you and your loved ones in the event of unforeseen situations arising in your day to day life.

For you and your family

Because it not only protects you, it will also cover you against the third-party liability of your dependents as head of the family.

Payment flexibility

You can adapt the way you pay your insurance, choosing between several instalment-payment options or, if you prefer, you can pay in a single instalment. You decide.

Added services

From advisory services to any doubt regarding an employment contract, a helpline for legal consultations in the personal or professional field, or even out-of-court advice in the event of being involved in judicial proceedings.

When you play sports too

Our public liability insurance for private individuals also protects you when practising most amateur sports.



Every day, at any time, in any circumstance, we can become involved in unforeseen events, within the private or professional realm, that involve dealing with possible damages caused to third parties. Thanks to public liability insurance, you can prevent your assets or your legal status from being affected.

Public liability insurance is often taken out by self-employed workers to cover their interactions with third parties. If the insurance is linked to their professional activity and, in this way, they can justify that the insurance protects them in their work, they can deduct the cost thereof. However, if the public liability insurance is taken out by a person in the private realm, this tax deduction will not be possible.

If the insurance policy is to be taken out by a private individual to protect their assets and their legal situation in the event of a third-party claim, there are no special requirements for taking out the policy, other than the customer acceptance policies specific to each Company.

Why take out public liability insurance with Plus Ultra?

The public liability insurance policies of Plus Ultra Seguros for private individuals offer you extensive protection in the event of different day-to-day situations, with different types of cover, to give the whole family peace of mind.

Always with you

Because we bring you the best professionals, to advise you and help you, from the very first step.

Extensive coverage

That will protect your assets from your actions and those of your family in different situations that arise in everyday life.


In a company with more than 150 years of experience, offering our customers the best insurance solutions, always adapted to the specific needs of each one.