Vessel insurance

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What does vessel insurance offer you?

We put our recreational vessel insurance at your disposal. A very comprehensive and flexible insurance that allows you to sail peacefully thanks to the best cover, which includes third party liability, and some interesting guarantees such as nautical assistance or protection in the event of damage to the actual vessel.

Advantages of this insurance

Adapted to your vessel

We offer you a tailor-made proposal for your sports or pleasure vessel.

Sail in peace

When taking out vessel insurance, you can extend the limit of sailing in domestic waters to include other areas if required.

We defend your interests

We put a team of qualified professional at your disposal who will take over the defence of your interests, including possible indemnities and legal expenses arising therefrom.

Complete protection

You can extend the essential guarantees included with our vessel insurance policy, according to your needs. It includes cover for theft and damage caused to the insured vessel.


Main cover included with vessel insurance

Our vessel insurance guarantees you the payment of all compensation legally established for civil liability arising from unexpected events that can happen to the vessel, its owner or those who are duly authorised to skipper the vessel. 

It is compulsory liability insurance for any unforeseen event that may arise at sea to meet both material and personal damage to third parties. 

We will, furthermore, deal with your criminal defence, including paying the legal and extrajudicial costs connected with the defence and the handling of the loss, as well as possible bail. 

This protection further includes the auxiliary vessel, if you have one, or if you practice waterskiing. 

Optional coverage

Theft and robbery protection is essential to guarantee the integrity of your vessel and the goods on it, as it offers you coverage against damage or losses caused by burglary or attempted theft of the vessel while it is moored in yacht clubs, docking points or authorised marinas, stored in garages or closed hangars or if it occurs during transport by land, through violent or intimidating acts in the latter case. 


Our Boat Insurance is designed for owners of yachts and pleasure boats that require insurance that covers the full cost of compensation to third parties for damages. It is also intended for owners who seek higher protection and guarantees and can complete the insurance with any of the additional coverages that we offer.

When you take out our leisure vessel insurance with this optional guarantee, your vessel is protected from any damages that may occur both on the water and on land, as a result of:

  • Sailing or lying idle in the water: collision, hitting or colliding with fixed or floating objects, beaching or running aground, sinking or being wrecked, heavy sea or as a result of a storm, fire, piracy, earthquakes or seaquakes.
  • When grounded, damages caused by fire or explosion while in garages, hangars or similar are included, as are damages caused by overturning, collision or loading and unloading operations when transported by land.
  • In addition, damage during operations for launching or entry into dry dock are covered provided they are carried out by qualified personnel.

Why take out vessel insurance with Plus Ultra Seguros?

Find out about the benefits of working with a major insurer.


A wide range of cover at your disposal, so you can draw up the insurance you need.

The best professionals

An extensive network of professionals who will help you to make the best decisions about insuring your vessel.

Complete protection

You will have all the protection you are looking for so you just need to worry about enjoying your passion for sailing.