General Civil Liability

Individual civil liability

The all-inclusive solution

What does our insurance policy offer you?

Because in our everyday life unforeseen situations can arise to which we have to respond , we offer you the solution so as not to compromise your property and assets in the event of claims for damage, with the best legal defence thanks to our special Liability insurance.

Benefits of this insurance

Protection for your family

We offer you the most suitable covers for protecting your family, by bearing any indemnities due from you for damage and harm.

Adapted amounts

You can select the limits of indemnity which best suit your needs from a wide variety.

Specialist advice

We make professionals who specialiise in civil liability available to you to answer your queries and get the most suitable insurance for you.

General Public Liability

Main coverage

We offer you essential individual and family civil liability cover with which we will take care of indemnities resulting from claims for damage caused to third parties which may arise within the scope of your private and family life. In this regard, situations as diverse as the following are included:

  • Damage arising from your private actions and those of your family, as well as engaging in sport as an amateur.
  • Damage to third parties occurring while alteration work is being carried out on the property.
  • Damage to third parties caused by the use of bicycles, rowing vessels or pedalos and surfboards.
  • If you have a rented property, we cover personal and material damage which your tenant may claim from you.
  • If you have domestic staff, you can include liability for damage to third parties that they may cause while working at your home.

More information on your insurance

Apart from individual and family civil liability, we make protection for other activities such as the following available:

  • Sport or undersea fishing practised as an enthusiast.
  • Ownership of carriages.
  • Wheelchair owner or user.
  • Life guard.
  • Owner of pets such as dogs or saddle horses including those harnessed to carriages.


This insurance is aimed at those people, with or without family, who want to have insurance which protects their interests in the event of a claim for damage by third parties within the scope of their private life.

This insurance offers cover in the event of claims for damage to third parties, including legal and extrajudicial expenses, defence costs and any judicial bonds to guarantee your civil liability.

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