Savings insurance policies

Savings insurance policies

Your savings, your best resource.

What is a savings insurance plan?

Generating savings for unforeseen events, for enjoying the trip you always dreamed of, or to have a financial cushion in your retirement, requires a lot less effort than you think.

We offer you a wide range of savings insurance plans so that you can choose the one that suits you best.

What are the advantages of these insurance policies?

No need to contribute large amounts of money, having your savings available and tax advantages - this is how our savings insurance policies are.

Easy savings

You have already saved a capital sum and you want to make it profitable or, if you prefer to make small contributions with the frequency that you choose, you can do so with our savings insurance.

Your money when you need it

Savings insurance has a high level of liquidity, so if necessary, you will be able to redeem your money in certain situations.

Good taxation

Savings insurance allows you to not pay taxes for the contributions you make, but only when you redeem your savings.

Return and guarantee

Because Plus Ultra Seguros savings insurance plans guarantee you 100% of your savings and also offer you an additional return.

Income Insurance

Savings insurance taxation

Savings insurance is designed to generate a medium- and long-term capital sum, with taxation implications being the main difference between them and the one that will determine the best choice in each case, depending on the stage of life of the saver and the financial needs he or she may have. 

This is because every product has a different taxation type, that will depend on the moment and the way in which the generated capital is received.


You will be able to select between a wide variety of saving products and, according to your propensity to risk, choose between savings insurance plans with which you will obtain a guaranteed return or opt for other investment-savings solutions with a higher risk and greater expected return. 

Furthermore, depending on the savings insurance plan chosen, the customer may even know the guaranteed yield for a certain period of time in advance.


The savings insurance plan most suited to your needs will depend on the level of risk level you are prepared to assume, whether you are looking for a guaranteed return or not, the duration of your savings plan, the amount and frequency of your contributions, and the way in which will redeem your capital. 

Ask your Plus Ultra Seguros agent to advise you on the best savings solution for you.

At Plus Ultra Seguros we want to offer you the maximum availability of your savings and for this reason all our savings insurance policies have great liquidity. However, we recommend that you contact your broker to consult at what time it is most beneficial for you to have access to your money. 

Why take out savings insurance with Plus Ultra?

We offer you several solutions so that you can choose which one to save simply and comfortably with.

Wide range of products

If your intention it is to create a "financial cushion", our savings insurance plans offer you a solution for every situation.

Complete transparency

You may request all the information about your savings plan at any time. If you have a question, we will answer it for you.

Maximum solvency

Plus Ultra Seguros offers you the peace of mind of having your savings with a professional, solvent financial institution.