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What does a Growing Savings plan offer?

Growing Savings plan is designed for everybody who wants to save money in a comfortable and easy way to supplement their future income, with a view to maintain the living standard that they want to have.

What are the advantages of this insurance?

Maximum adaptability

Choose the duration of your Growing savings plan and how you want to make each of your contributions.

Savings without limits

There are no annual limits on the premium used for the savings, so that you can make as many contributions as you wish.

Will a full guarantee

Your savings will be guaranteed, applying a quarterly interest rate which you will know in advance, with maximum transparency, security and profitability.

Flexible savings insurance
1 /6

This number indicates the product's risk level, 1/6 having a lower risk and 6/6 having a higher risk.

Growing savings insurance return

Our flexible savings insurance, Growing Savings, offers you guaranteed returns, applying an interest rate that is adapted to your needs and which is communicated to you each quarter, maintaining the principle of transparency and providing you with clear responses to any request for information you make. Furthermore, if the insured party dies, the beneficiaries will receive an additional capital sum on top of the savings generated, depending on the amount of the latter.

Taxation of the insurance

The returns generated are considered capital gains, and are subject to the marginal rate of personal income tax in force at any time. In the event of the death of the party insured, payments received by the beneficiary will be liable to Inheritance and Gift Tax and may enjoy significant deductions depending on the degree of relationship between the policyholder and the beneficiary.


This is a flexible savings insurance plan, aimed at anybody who wants to yield a profit from their long-term savings, staying in control of their savings at all times, risk free. Additionally, the policyholder can be either a natural or legal person.

You can access your savings, totally or partially, one year after the first contribution and without any penalty.

In the case of death, the beneficiaries of the plan would redeem the contributions that you have made, plus an additional amount of capital.

Choose the contribution method that works best for you, whether that by making periodical or one-off payments. If you wish, you can pause contributions and carry them on whenever you choose, without any penalty as a result.

Why take out a Growing Savings plan?


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