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What does a PIAS Savings (Systematic Individual Savings Plan) offer?

At some point we all feel the need to save, to prepare our financial cushion for the future. PIAS Savings is a product which allows you to do so without it being an effort, by making the most of your money and allowing you to get it when you need it.

What are the advantages of this insurance?

PIAS Savings is a product that will allow you to save easily by making convenient contributions whenever you like.

Make your dreams come true

If your aim is to save in the long term to ensure economic stability in your retirement, be able to handle unforeseen expenses or make one of your dreams come true, the systematic individual savings plan is ideal for you.

Maximum flexibility

We adapt to your needs, so you can choose how and when you want to make contributions, and the payment method you prefer.

Guaranteed savings with full liquidity

We guarantee returns that are 100% insured, and which we'll inform you of in advance. You will also be able to access your savings, fully or partially, whenever you need.

Individual savings plan
1 /6

This number indicates the product risk, with 1/6 representing the lowest risk and 6/6 representing the highest risk.


With the PIAS Savings plan, we offer you returns that are 100% guaranteed at all times, so your savings are not subject to any risk. Once your particular case has been studied, we'll let you know the interest rate that will be applied. From the moment you take out the contract, you'll know the returns your savings will yield in the future, providing you with security and peace of mind. 

All returns generated will be tax-free when you recover the capital in the form of a life annuity, as long as at least 5 years have elapsed since your first contribution.


Our PIAS plan is aimed at any person or family who wants to save money for their future without having to give up their current liquidity. It's a risk-free savings plan, which allows young people to prepare for future plans, such as having children, or for families who are looking for a savings project that doesn't compromise their financial situation.

You can access your savings, fully or partially, and the returns generated from them once one calendar year has elapsed since your first contribution. Due to the product's high liquidity, you can redeem amounts that you need and keep going with your savings plan.

If your objective is to supplement your retirement, and at least 5 years have elapsed since your first contribution, you can choose to receive the capital via a life annuity, in which case it will be exempt from taxation.

The applicable interest rate is guaranteed and will be communicated to you in advance for each calendar quarter. Initial and periodical contributions that you make, as well as other parameters, will determine your applicable interest rate, which will be communicated to you before formalising the savings plan contract.

You can make periodical contributions of a minimum of €60 per month. You can make these periodical contributions using the payment method that best suits your needs. You can also change the amount of the periodical contribution at any time. Furthermore, you can make one-off contributions whenever you like.

Why take out a PIAS Savings plan?

PIAS Savings is a very simple product and has a high level of liquidity that will help you when needed.


You decide on the amount of the contributions and their frequency, that is, ISPs can be adapted to all type of savers.

Tax benefits

Recover it in the form of a life annuity after 5 years of the first contribution and take advantage of the tax benefits offered by ISPs.


Your savings will always be safe, as they are backed by Plus Ulta Seguros' ISPs, removing any type of uncertainty regarding them.

Taxation of Individual Systematic Savings Plan

ISPs or Individual Systematic Savings Plans are an alternative to pension plans for long-term savers with a more conservative profile who enjoy interesting tax benefits.

ISPs have many benefits in the income tax return, not in terms of contributions, as they cannot be deducted or do not reduce the taxable base, but these benefits vary according to the way chosen to collect the capital.

Therefore, all returns generated will be tax free when you recover the capital in the form of a life annuity, as long as at least 5 years have elapsed since your first contribution. You will also be taxed less on the life annuity received, depending on your age, organised as follows:

Taxation by age

< 40 years old40%7.60%
Between 40 and 49 years old35%6.65%
Between 50 and 59 years old28%5.32%
Between 60 and 65 years old24%4.56%
Between 66 and 69 years old20%3.80%
> 69 years old8%1.52%