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What is Multi-fund investment insurance?

Multi-fund investment is a Unit Linked insurance policy that combines the tax advantages obtained from savings insurance policies and the return and liquidity you seek for your savings. It is a very flexible solution that allows you to choose not only way you wish to make your contributions but also the investment options according to your expectations of obtaining attractive returns and the risk you wish to take.

Advantages of this insurance

With Multi-fund investment, you will receive the best advice and all the information you need when investing in the various options we offer you.


You will be able to adapt your investment by making regular, one-off or extraordinary contributions, or changing your strategy by transferring your capital between the different investment funds.


Our eight investment options offer you different solutions suited to your expected return, your predisposition to risk and the estimated investment period for your savings.


You will have your capital available, totally or partially, without worrying about any fees/commissions or penalties as of the first year.

Multifondos inversión

Types of investment options

This investment option is suitable for investors that do not like taking large risks, obtaining a short-term return from national or international fixed-income securities from public or private issuers denominated in euros. The net asset value of this fund will not experience significant fluctuations. 


The returns obtained from the different options proposed when withdrawn are considered capital gains and are subject to a 19% withholding for individuals. 

If the insured person passes away, the amounts payable to the beneficiary are subject to taxes on inheritances and donations. The amount of tax can decrease depending on the relationship between the holder and the beneficiary.

Performance of the investment options

The investment is distributed among the different options at the policyholder's choice. Those chosen can be subsequently changed. These options are currently materialised in eight funds of Grupo Catalana Occidente.

An interest rate is not guaranteed and the contract is updated according to the performance of the investment options. Therefore, the holder bears the investment's financial risk.

Performance data

1 year
3 years
5 years
10 years
GCO Ahorro, FI
- 3.69%
- 3.78%
GCO Renta Fija, FI
- 6.47%
- 1.63%
- 1.32%
GCO Mixto, FI
- 7.51%
- 6.51%
- 0.10%
- 0.65%
GCO Global 50, FI
- 8.59%
- 7.18%
GCO Acciones, FI
- 4.99%
- 8.69%
GCO Eurobolsa, FI
- 13.95%
GCO Internacional, FI
- 8.44%


Multi-fund investment allows you to choose the contribution system that best suits your situation. You may choose between a single payment or regular payments, as well as making any extraordinary contribution whenever you wish. 

In addition, the flexibility of Multi-fund investment allows you to adjust the investment profile by distributing your savings between the different investment options via transfers. 

The contributions made in Unit Linked savings insurance policies are invested in investment options chosen according to the holder's risk profile and return expectations. 

They are highly versatile as they allow changing the investment between options depending on the market circumstances. Another advantage is the possibility of having access to investment options by making regular contributions; therefore, with a small capital you can obtain high a diversification.

On the other hand, Unit Linked insurance policies guarantee additional cover in the event of the insured person passing away. 

Why take out Multi-fund investment insurance with Plus Ultra Seguros?

Plus Ultra Seguros offers you various savings options to ensure you obtain the return you want on your investment.

Specialised managers

Always enjoy the best advice and management from the best experts in investment and savings insurance policies.


We will regularly inform you on the situation of your investment and how your savings are performing.

Adapted solutions

Among our investment options, you will find the plan that perfectly suits your savings profile, and you can change your investment whenever you need to.