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SIALP savings Insurance

Savings with tax advantages

What does our savings plan offer you?

Our SIALP Savingsplan is perfect for those who want to save money with total security, gaining significant returns and with the benefit of being able to access their money if necessary.

Benefits of the SIALP Savings plan

SIALP Savings is the perfect solution to save while enjoying a series of very advantageous features:

Returns exempt

Your returns will be exempt from taxation if you keep them up for at least 5 years and your annual contributions do not exceed 5,000 euros.

Adapted to you

Maximum flexibility when making your contributions, which may be regular and constant or increasing in size and added to by extraordinary contributions.

Guaranteed returns

Both your total contributions' and 100% of the interest generated are covered on expiry of the contract.

No strings attached

You can have 100% of the sum paid after a year has elapsed from the first payment being made and transfer it to another SIALP or CIALP if you see fit.

1 /6

This number is indicative of the risk of the product; 1/6 implicating a lower risk and 6/6 a higher risk

Profitability of the long term savings plan

SIALP Savings offers you a completely guaranteed and advantageous return as the rate of interest applied is renewed quarterly with the aim of improving the yield from your savings. The aforementioned savings rate will be communicated to you in advance, so that you know how your savings plan is evolving at all times.

Therefore, when your savings plan reaches maturity, you are guaranteed 100% of the investment made and the total of the interests generated.

Tax on SIALP

SIALP Savings (long-term individual savings plan) has significant tax benefits. If you hold on to your savings for a minimum period of five years, without your annual contributions exceeding 5,000 euros, you will be exempt from paying tax on the total amount of capital saved, plus the returns generated.


This plan is aimed at those people who wish to get a yield from their long-term savings easily and with guarantees. The form of saving is flexible and is adapted to you, allowing you to choose between constant regular contributions or increasing contributions, combining them with extraordinary contributions.

You can have 100% of your savings without penalties a year after the first contribution to the plan. In that case, however, you will not be able to benefit from the tax advantages that this savings plan offers you when it makes the money available five years from inception thereof.

In any event, you must get your money in one go as this type of product does not allow partial withdrawals.

Yes. Furthermore, the initial length of the plan will be maintained so that you can enjoy the tax advantages on receiving the capital after five years have elapsed.

Why take out a SIALP Savings plan?

SIALP Savings is the perfect product for savers who seek a comfortable, simple and safe investment with an excellent taxation.

Tax benefits

Return obtained is exempt from Personal Income Tax if the investment is maintained for 5 years, with a limit on contributions of €5,000 per year.


SIALP allows you to make regular or extraordinary contributions and redeem the full amount of your investment after the first year.


Your investment will be 100% guaranteed and you will know in advance the return you will obtain from your SIALP in each period.