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Do you want to save for tomorrow by getting maximum return? Invest in the medium or long term with excellent results? Plus Ultra Seguros savings and retirement plans are at your disposal to make the best decision, thinking of the future.

Plus Ultra Seguros is synonymous with return

Our 'Medium Term Investment Life Plus' plan helps you to achieve a guaranteed return with a single initial contribution, and you can access the capital invested whenever you wish, either partially or totally, from the first year onwards. With 'Active Investment Life Plus' you will be able to make a very profitable investment for your money over the next 10 years.

A guaranteed interest for your investment

With our retirement plans you can choose between knowing, in advance, the interest rate applicable to your investment, which will be updated every year, forgetting about the risks and achieving an attractive return from day one. Or you can choose to take on more risk to get the best return for your money, selecting one of the pension plans that we offer.