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Accident insurance for the self-employed

Against any unforeseen event

What does our accident insurance for self-employed people offer?

At Plus Ultra Seguros we have designed a range of accident insurance plans for the self-employed to protect you and your family in the event of death or permanent disability due to an accident. Enjoy the peace of mind of having the greatest protection in situations that we cannot foresee.

What are the advantages of these insurance policies?

Adapted to your family

Our range of accident insurance policies for the self-employed enables you to take out high indemnity cover so that both you and your beneficiaries can enjoy effective protection. You can also choose the type of policy that best suits your family's economic circumstances.

An accident insurance policy for the self-employed that is adapted to your profession

We also adapt our offers to your profession. So, if you take out an insurance policy to cover you in the event you are unable to work, there are a range of daily benefits available to you that can be amended to suit your professional activity.

Enjoy supplementary cover

Travel assistance, childbirth benefits, hospitalisation allowances and medical assistance are just some of the additional cover options offered by our accident insurance for the self-employed.

What cover does accident insurance for the self-employed offer?

If, the insured dies or suffers a permanent disability as a direct result of an accident, our personal accident and family accident policies will indemnify you depending on the amount of cover taken out and the severity of the injuries sustained.


It will enable you to receive a payment in the event of death or disability caused by an accident. This means that both you and your family will be protected with regard to any economic loss such an event may cause.

At Plus Ultra Seguros, we have three types of accident insurance policies for the self-employed: Personal accidents, family accidents and temporary inability to work. All these policies allow you to adjust the capital, as well as the additional cover to prevent you from having to pay more to enjoy the best possible cover.

Yes. Both our family accident policies and temporary inability to work policies allow you to include optional cover for indemnity in the event of hospitalisation, which is paid as a daily allowance for the time you are in hospital and in accordance with each type of insurance policy.

Why take out an accident insurance policy for the self-employed with Plus Ultra?


By learning more about the price of your accident insurance policy, you will discover that, for a small amount, you will get financial support when you need it most.


Choose the accident insurance policy for the self-employed that suits your needs and customise the cover, sum insured and services of your policy.

Exclusive services

Each of our insurance policies offer you exclusive cover options. Discover them for yourself and design the accident policy that best suits your activity.