Accident insurance for the self-employed

Personal accident insurance

Against any unforeseen event

What does this insurance offer you?

Because at any given moment anyone can find themselves involved in an accident, we offer you the perfect solution to protect yourself from the unexpected. With Accidentes personales Pluswe guarantee not only the best assistance for you as a self-employed worker, but also the security and stability you want for your family.

Benefits of personal accident insurance for the self-employed

Your permanent protection

A quick and flexible solution thanks to its complete protection plan and with the sufficient financial support so that all you have to think about is your recovery.


Accident insurence cover adapts to your circumstances and protects you while working, in your private life or 24 hours a day; you decide.

Protect your family's well-being

A capital sum insured for accident or death or to complete possible Social Security provisions, which are often insufficient, in the event of severe disability.

Broaden your protection

Possibility of including a capital sum for medical care expenses, an indemnity in the event of temporary disability and a provision for hospitalisation.


Main coverage

Our Accident insurance guarantees you compensation for the death of the insured party directly due to an accident or as a consequence of it within the twelve months following the accident.

In addition, the beneficiaries may receive an advance sum to cover the expenses arising from the death and, for example, the burial. The sum of this advance will be equivalent to 10% of the sum insured, with a limit of 1,200 euros and without the need for justification.

Ways of taking out the insurance

This modality protects you during any activity, in both your private and professional life, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and anywhere around the world.


Plus personal accident insurance is aimed at any person, with or without a family, especially self-employed professionals whose income depends directly on their capacity to perform their business activity. 

This accident insurance guarantees an indemnity in the event of being involved in an accident that impedes you from functioning in a normal way, thus minimising the economic impact of said accident on your daily life.

Yes, we have a specific modality for any type of family: parents and children that live in the habitual residence, single-parent families or couples with no children. This insurance offers comprehensive protection for all members of the family unit.

Why take out Accident insurence?

We place in your hands a number of benefits that will help you make your day-to-day life a little easier.


Very comprehensive accident insurance that offers you the guarantees needed at a very affordable price.


You can include additional cover to adapt the insurance to your particular circumstances.

Exclusive services

You will have access to some genuinely interesting services, which will give you additional peace of mind and well-being.