Accident insurance for the self-employed

Family accidents

Your family always protected

What is collective family accident insurance for self-employed workers?

We have designed our collective family accident insurance for the self-employed so that you can enjoy the peace of mind of having the best support in unforeseen situations.

Benefits of this insurance

Our Family group accident insurance offers you extensive cover, big benefits and is very easy to take out.

The support your family needs

We cannot guarantee that your family will not have an accident, but we can offer you the best service in the event of any unforeseen incident that may arise.

Protecting what is most important

Are you looking to preserve your family's stability if something happens to you? Do you wish they receive the best care if they suffer an accident? Family group accidents provides you with the essential coverage to complete your protection.

Tailor-made to your family

You can choose to take out different covers and capital for each family member.

Additional services

Family group accidents goes further, as it covers the payment of electricity and water bills in the event of unemployment or ceasing your activity, subsidies due to hospitalisation or healthcare.


Main coverage

Family group accidents guarantees an indemnity in the event of any of the insured family members passing away as a direct consequence of an accident or due to its after-effects within the following two years.

The indemnity sum can be increased to include covers in the event of death due to a driving accident, whether as a driver, passenger, pedestrian or user of public transport. It also covers an additional sum in the event of death of both spouses in the same accident.

It also includes an advance payment to the beneficiaries for death and burial expenses, up to the limit established in the policy.


Family group accidents is aimed at any family or household where parents and children; single-parent families; or couples without children share the home. These families can benefit from the protection and security provided by an accident insurance with exclusive coverage and guarantees from services offered by Plus Ultra Seguros.

This accident insurance guarantees the payment of compensation to face eventualities such as the death or incapacity of the insured person due to an accident. This way you can minimise the impact that any of these situations can have on your family's standard of living.

Why take out family accident insurance for the self-employed?

When it comes to your family

Take out family accident insurance and ensure that the economic stability of your loved ones does not change in the event of suffering an accident.

Exclusive services

Complete your accident policy with services and guarantees such as the protection of utility bill payments or daily compensation for hospitalisation.


Your accident insurance at the best price and with different types of policies, depending on the amount you want to insure and the cover you want.


With the purpose of offering you total flexibility, Family group accidents provides you three insurance modalities that include specific coverage tailor-made to your particular needs.

Modalities of this insurance

The most complete protection, which in addition to the highest indemnity sums due to death and incapacity, it includes healthcare coverage, protection for the payment of bills and a daily provision due to hospitalisation.

Family group accidents

Family group accidents
CoverageEssential (€200,000)Classic (€200,000)Bonus (€400,000)
Basic covers for spouse and childrenIncluded Included Included
DeathIncluded Included Included
Permanent disability according to scaleIncluded Included Included
Complementary covers for spouse and childrenIncluded Included Included
DeathIncluded Included Included
Daily compensation for hospitalisationIncluded Included Included
Death of both spouses in the same accidentIncluded Included Included
Death of both spouses in the same accidentIncluded Included Included
Death from heart attack due to an accidentIncluded Included Included
Permanent incapacity from heart attackIncluded Included Included
Total permanent incapacity for any kind of workIncluded Included Included
Severe incapacityIncluded Included Included
HealthcareNot Included Included Included
Protection of payment due to unemployment or cessation of inactivityNot Included Included Included