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Agricultural vehicle insurance

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What is Agricultural vehicle insurance for self-employed workers?

Agricultural vehicle insurance has been designed to guarantee cover for agricultural machinery and tractors as well as people. Furthermore, this insurance is characterised by additional covers which allow the contract of insurance to be adapted the specific needs of each business.

Advantages of this insurance

Maximum security in the field

You will have compulsory civil liability covered for any unforeseen eventuality involving the agricultural vehicle insured with the possibility of extending covers.

Criminal defence, claim for damage and handling fines

We guarantee cover for the costs of official, judicial or arbitration proceedings arising from a traffic accident involving the vehicle insured.

Expand your coverage

We place a series of additional extensions at your disposal which allow you to adjust insurance protection to your company's needs.


Main coverage

Our insurance for agricultural machinery and vehicles guarantees cover for indemnities arising from the compulsory civil liability required by law, and for material and personal damage caused to third parties as a result direct of traffic incidents involving the vehicle insured.

This insurance further includes cover for voluntary civil liability, whereby if the indemnity exceeds the legally established maximum limit for compulsory civil liability, we will give you an additional sum which may amount to up to 50 million euros.

Cover is also included for legal defence required in legal proceedings and claims for damage for the drivers insured in your business who involved in a loss as a result of a traffic accident involving the vehicle insured.

Complementary coverage

This optional cover covers death, permanent incapacity and the medical treatment of the drivers insured in your business, as well as their mates.


Agricultural vehicle and machinery insurance is aimed at both companies and professionals who wish to insure the vehicles that they use in their farming operations. These vehicles are usually tractors, agricultural machinery, heavy lorries or vans.

This Agricultural vehicle and machinery insurance covers you for the expenses arising from an accident. In this way you will be able to minimise the impact that events of this kind cause to the return from and running of your farming activity.

Why take out Insurance for agricultural vehicles with Plus Ultra?

Personalised Customer Service

Our professional team has wide-ranging experience in everything related to the agricultural sector and will offer you the best type of insurance for your vehicle.


You can choose the cover that suits the types of vehicles you have, irrespective of whether your policy is for agricultural machinery or a tractor.

Management of fines

With this coverage you can take care of all the administrative procedures related to parking and traffic fines with the added bonus of receiving legal advice by phone.