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Car insurance

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What is Car insurance for self-employed workers?

With Plus Ultra Seguros you have the option of choosing the car insurance you want for your company vehicle as a self-employed worker. From the minimum coverage for driving to the most comprehensive insurance.

What are the advantages of our car insurance schemes for the self-employed?

We offer you everything you need, so you can drive with the utmost security and peace of mind, from the door of your house to your destination.

Insurance made to measure

You decide how you want to protect your car and the coverage you want to include in your insurance.

Personal advice

We explain to you directly any queries you may have about your car insurance, to help choose what suits you best.

Travel in good company

Because we help you to solve anything unexpected that may arise when you are in your car, whether a breakdown or an accident.

Extensive network of professional garages

We make available to you an extensive network of specialist garages, to make sure your vehicle is always in the best hands.

Insurance coverage

Including this type of cover in your insurance policy for a minimum charge you will help you avoid any surprise costs if any of your car windows are damaged. 

Factors that influence price

Multiple factors are taken into account to determine the price you will pay for car insurance, including:

Car to insure

The market value of the car, its horsepower and equipment are some of the elements to be taken into account when determining the cost of the insurance.

Driver profile

The age of the driver, the amount of time they have held their driving licence and their history as a driver also have a bearing on the insurance price.

Vehicle use

How many kilometres you do per year, whether you have parking space or if there is another driver other than the main one, are other factors that influence the price of the insurance.

Selected guarantees

The price will vary according to the level of protection you are looking for and the coverage you choose.


Although it might seem that if you are not going to drive your car you do not need to insure it, by law you need to have at least public liability insurance. This guarantee is intended to protect third parties from any damage that a vehicle may cause, even when it is not being driven.

We help you to decide which insurance is best suited to your needs as a self-employed worker and we also inform you what documents you need to take it out. To do this, contact our nearest broker or call 91 783 83 83.

Your history as a driver is one of the factors we take into account when calculating your insurance price, and we offer a bonus according to your profile.

Why take out car insurance for self-employed workers with Plus Ultra?

We offer you everything you need, so you can drive with the utmost security and peace of mind, from the door of your house to your destination.

Travel assistance from 0 km

As a self-employed worker, your car is an essential tool of the trade that cannot let you down, which is why we offer you travel assistance from 0 km.

Management of fines

It includes fine management cover on your self-employed car insurance and we will take care of all the procedures you need.

The best professionals

Because we know how important it is to always have your car ready, our workshops guarantee you the best repair. Learn more about Autopresto.