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What is basic third-party car insurance for self-employed people?

With third-party car insurance for self-employed people you will get the essential cover you need to drive your car with peace of mind.

What are the advantages of third-party car insurance?

Find out everything our basic third-party Car Insurance offers self-employed people.

Affordable price

You will have the basic guarantees covered for a very reasonable price.

Extra guarantees

In addition to all the cover offered by our self-employed third-party insurance, you can extend your level of protection by adding some other very interesting cover options.

We also protect you

Because in addition to covering third-party damage, the driver of the insured vehicle will also be protected against any personal damage that they may suffer in an accident.


What does basic third-party car insurance for self-employed people cover?

If you suffer a traffic accident, having a Compulsory Civil Liability contract will cover compensation for possible bodily or material damage that you cause to third parties.

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For self-employed workers who need to insure their vehicle without it being a financial burden or whose vehicle is old Of all the car insurance policies that exist, third-party insurance is the most basic and therefore the most economical. 

Covers the civil liability of the driver vis-à-vis third parties, i.e. material and personal damage that may be caused to another vehicle and its occupants, as well as to the occupants of their own vehicle. It will not cover personal or material damage to the driver or their car. For this reason, although it is not compulsory, it is common for the driver to take out specific voluntary civil liability insurance.

What are the advantages of taking out basic third-party car insurance for self-employed people with Plus Ultra Seguros?


We offer you different ways of communicating with us and make it easy to do your admin with us, all with the aim of giving you a rapid, satisfactory service.


A wide range of professionals and experts to ensure that your experience with Plus Ultra Seguros is the best it can be.


Aside from the main coverage included in your insurance, you will have the option of additional coverage should you want a greater level of protection and services.