Car insurance

Fully comprehensive car insurance for the self-employed

As comprehensive as you wish

Why are you interested in our fully comprehensive car insurance for the self-employed?

If you want your car to stay in the best conditions, we offer you our fully comprehensive car Insurance for the self-employed, with all the guarantees you want, and configured to suit your needs. It includes the best cover, so you can keep enjoying your car as you have from the start, and our exclusive AutoPresto service comes with advantages such as a free courtesy vehicle.

Advantages of fully comprehensive car insurance

Everything you need

For the most discerning, our fully comprehensive car Insurance for the self-employed offers all the guarantees you could need to choose from.

Comprehensive coverage

Our insurance offers full protection for your vehicle and its occupants: whether against accident damage due to an accident, theft, a broken windscreen, or a collision with an animal.

Replacement car

We provide you with a courtesy car, in the event that your vehicle has suffered an accident and needs to be repaired.

And lots more

With additional services such as our consultancy service, roadside assistance or mechanics helpline.

Motor all risks insurance

Main coverage of fully comprehensive car insurance

We protect your car against multiple circumstances, taking care of the damages arising from an accident (with another vehicle, animal or object), those caused by atmospheric phenomena, road or bridge subsidence, and even those suffered as a result of vandalism.

We also give you the possibility of choosing this coverage with excess or without it.


Optional coverage

For any subject related to your daily life, whether personal or work-related, including matters that affect your family unit.

Discover the benefits of AutoPresto

Preferential care

Assessment in less than 12 hours with the possibility of assessing damage at home and speedy start of vehicle repair.

Express repair

In less than 48 hours for small repairs.


collection and delivery service of the repaired vehicle.

Guaranteed mobility

Benefit from a courtesy vehicle during repair (after booking the service)

60 euro discount

On excess for comprehensive insurance

Advance payment of excess

Start of repair in claims where the other party is at-fault.


Keeping your bonus in claims under damage covers.

Quality control of the repair and vehicle service

Engine, tyres, brakes, lights and liquid levels.

Vehicle cleaning

Interior and exterior, at no additional cost.


Up to 3 years for all repairs.

Find your closest AutoPresto workshop


If you are a self-employed worker who uses your car intensively and want to have the best protection for your vehicle and its occupants, fully comprehensive insurance for the self-employed is the best option, because you will enjoy all the guarantees you need, and can adapt it according to your preferences.

In a fully comprehensive insurance with excess, if you are responsible for the claim, you must take care of the amount established in this excess (the rest of the repair cost being covered by the insurer), the coverage of own damages and, also occasionally, theft, fire and windscreen damage.

In a fully comprehensive insurance policy without excess, the insurer is responsible for the total amount of the repair.

The fully comprehensive with excess modality allows you to take out a product with all risk coverage at a lower price.

This is a network of exclusive Plus Ultra Seguros garages, which operate throughout Spain, with preferential services and treatment for our customers. To find out more about them we recommend referring to the AutoPresto section of "Main Covers".

You must notify us as soon as possible, within a maximum of 7 days from the time of the occurrence. To do this, you can do it on our customer service helpline (91 783 83 83), on the form you can find at plusultra.es or through your usual mediator.

You must provide us with your personal details and those of your vehicle, the date of occurrence and time of the incident and the details of the other vehicles involved. Furthermore, it is always important to provide any other information you may have to help clarify possible responsibilities (friendly accident statement, intervention by an authority, witness statement).

In the event of theft, you will also need to send us the police report.

Why take out fully comprehensive car insurance with or without excess?

Travel assistance from 0 km

Because you don't known when you are going to need this service, we include it directly with your comprehensive insurance.

Courtesy car

For you to never stop and continue with your day in case of a breakdown or accident.

Repair service

You will have the best professionals, who will look for the best solution to repair your vehicle.