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What is Comprehensive agricultural insurance for the self-employed?

Our Agro Plus comprehensive agricultural insurance is designed to provide your agricultural business (whether a family-run or medium-sized operation) with the cover you need for your activity, farm and even your home.

Benefits of this insurance for the self-employed

Specific coverage

We offer you an insurance that considers the specific characteristics of the agricultural activity and includes the hospitality and agricultural tourism sectors.

Include your residence

The Agro Plus insurance allows you to include your home in the insurance policy taken out for your agricultural holding and it features the best coverage.

Additional extensions

Enjoy additional guarantees to complement the coverage of your insurance, suiting it to your business' needs.

Agricultural multi-risk

Insurance coverage

Our Agro Plus agricultural multi-risk insurance provides you with specific solutions for your agricultural holding in a wide variety of situations:

  • Fire, explosion and lightning: we cover direct damage to your facilities and property from fire, as well as the costs arising from firefighting measures.
  • Weather damage: caused by winds and rain of great intensity.
  • Electrical damage in fixed installations: caused by power fluctuations or lightning.
  • Water damage, including locating and repairing the damage: with this optional cover you will protect your property from water damage, taps not turned off or infiltrations in adjacent buildings.
  • Operations, employers and product civil liability: by including this optional coverage, we will respond and defend your interests against any potential third-party claims related to your business' operation, accidents sustained by employees and your products. You will also be able to include coverage against civil liability for sudden accidental contamination.

More optional coverage

By including this complementary guarantee, you will be protecting your merchandise against theft in your establishment, as well as any possible damage sustained as a result thereof.


The multi-risk agricultural insurance Agro Plus is aimed at the owners of agricultural, livestock or farm holdings who need to cover multiple risks under the same insurance policy, and who also want to have the option of including their property insurance in the same agreement.

Provided that the following items have been included in the insurance contract, they shall be considered as part of the premises:

  • All constructed items which constitute a building, hangar or dwelling. Includes fixed tanks and silos, as well as foundations, doors and windows.
  • Attached constructions located in the place of exploitation, such as sheds or containment walls.
  • Fences and walls of buildings.
  • Fixed installations for water, sanitary fittings, gas, electricity, telephone and air-conditioning services, as well as fire extinguishing and security installations.
  • Awnings, signs and placards attached to the buildings insured.
  • Repair or decoration work carried out by the insured party.
  • Rafts for irrigation.

The content of the farm includes the following items:

  • Machinery, electronic equipment, transformers, solar energy installations, irrigation equipment, tools, utensils and work instruments specific to the farming activity insured.
  • Non-fixed decorative items and farm furnishings.
  • Stock, considering as such: raw materials, products in any phase of the manufacturing process, products for sale, manure, fodder, spares, accessories and other items used in the activity insured

In the case of your dwelling being included, the items considered content of the dwelling will be all objects inside to render it habitable, such as furniture, household items or personal effects and which do not form part of the constructive elements.

Certainly, if your activity is part of the agricultural, livestock or farming sector, especially if involved with sheep, goats, pigs or rabbits, and farms and agricultural undertakings in general, as well as establishments related to the hospitality sector or agrotourism.

Why take out Comprehensive agricultural insurance with Plus Ultra Seguros?

Personalised Customer Service

At Plus Ultra Seguros we are specialists in the agricultural sector and we offer you a qualified team to offer you the best advice.


Select the cover you need for both your farm and your home when taking out your comprehensive agricultural insurance policy.

Exclusive services

You will be able to complete your policy with optional coverages such as the loss of profits or breakdown of machinery, so that a catastrophe does not stop your business activity.