VidaPlus mortgage life

Life insurance for self-employed workers

Expected amortisation life insurance

It covers your personal loan or mortgage

What does our Vida mortgage repayment insurance for self-employed workers offer?

We provide you with Vida mortgage repayment insurance for the self-employed, an insurance policy that, in the event of disability or death, guarantees the capital you owe on your loan or mortgage, according to the amount contracted, so that your loved ones can pay the outstanding amount.

Advantages of Vida mortgage repayment insurance for the self-employed

Made to your measure

With the Vida mortgage life insurance for the self-employed both the capital and the duration can be adapted to the characteristics of your loan.

You choose

We offer you the possibility of choosing the payment method that best suits you with either monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual bills, or you even have the option of making a single payment.

Complete protection

VidaPlus mortgage life insurance for the self-employed covers the capital taken out both in the event of death and in the event of permanent disability.

Vida amortización Plus

Coverage of the Vida mortgage repayment insurance for the self-employed

VidaPlus mortgage life insurance for the self-employed guarantees the insured person's beneficiaries the payment of the capital due on the loan in the event of their death, according to the amount covered in the policy.

Furthermore, if you wish, you can name the bank or financial institution that granted you the loan as the beneficiary.

Insurance modalities

With this option, the term will be life annuity with annual renewals and the insured capital decreasing every year until reaching an established minimum.


The Vida Plus mortgage life insurance policy is intended for self-employed workers who have a personal loan or a mortgage, and who want to ensure that this debt is paid off in the event of death or disability, thus avoiding the economic hardship it could cause for their family.

Yes. In repayment insurance policies, it is normal for the beneficiary to be the bank or financial institution that provides the loan, so that it can use the capital to cancel the debt. Furthermore, Plus Ultra Seguros offers you the option to include an entailment clause in the policy if necessary.

We need to bear in mind that, in the case of death, our financial resources must cover both the needs of our family and the difference between Social Security provisions and our standard of living. 

In the case of disability, we would need to deal with a significant increase in expenses derived from home care, which, in addition to a reduction in income, would cause a significant reduction to our initial equity. 

In this case, it's beyond advisable to have a life insurance policy whose compensation can serve as a guarantee for maintaining our living standard in these scenarios. 

Public provisions offered by administrations cover the cases of orphanhood, widowhood and occupational disability. However, the calculation of these provisions are just a percentage of the regulatory base of the deceased or disabled person's salary. 

In this context, our relatives would be obliged to cover the difference between Social Security coverage and their living standard. Having life insurance seems like a more than reasonable solution when facing the difference in income caused by scenarios such as death or permanent and absolute disability.

Why take out Vida mortgage repayment insurance?


You choose the capital to be insured depending on the amount of your mortgage and the protection you want to offer your loved ones.


For less than you might think, you can obtain the security and protection you are looking for, with the very best terms.


All the protection you need, available to you, as easy as possible. We take care of everything.