Office Insurance

In harmony with your office

What is office insurance?

Aware of different needs for every type of activity, we place insurance especially designed for offices at your disposal. As a self-employed worker, nobody knows better than you what the real needs of your business are, that's why we offer you the possibility to have an insurance plan tailored to your specific needs, allowing you to perform your professional activity with full guarantees.

Advantages of this insurance

Extensive covers

It provides for both protection of the premises and their contents and your liability to people who carry on their professional activity there.

Adapted to your activity

Essential covers and additional extensions so that you can adapt the protection to any type of business, from a personal office to a large office.

Complete and adjustable

With everything necessary for facing the most usual materials and covers to protect legal aspects such as Civil Liability and Legal Defence..


Insurance coverage

We will deal with direct material damage caused by these eventualities at the premises insured. Furthermore, in the case of fire or explosion, damage caused by office installations, machinery or involuntary accidents.

Optional coverage

Cover aimed at protecting your profits in case an eventuality covered by the policy prevents you from carrying on your professional activity normality. Furthermore, it has three ways for you to choose the one which best suits your specific needs: daily indemnity, loss of gross profits and loss of rents.


Our Oficinas insurance is aimed at either self-employed workers who carry on their activity at a personal office or business people whose activity is carried on in a large office.

The building or premises in which the activity insured is carried on, including the foundations, walls, ceilings, doors and windows that make it up are considered a container.

Furthermore, the constructions annexes such as warehouses, garages and storage rooms on the propert and with similar characteristics to those of the main construction are also considered a container.

Finally, we consider aerials, awnings and sign boards belonging to the building insured and possible recreational or sports facilities.

Those items inside the premises insured, including the establishment's furniture and those non-fixed decorative items. The machinery, electronic equipment, work tools and implements necessary for carrying out the activity insured are also included in content.

Yes. You have the possibility of including changes to the contents made by improving your premises within your content insurance, as refurbishment work. You will only pay for the corresponding share of the container that you have improved with your investment. The rest of the value of the container of the premises will continue to be borne by the owner.

This guarantee protects your profits in the event of certain situations beyond your control which do not allow you to carry on your business normality. There are three types available:

  • Daily indemnity for each working day that the business must remain closed, up to a maximum of 90 days
  • Indemnity for loss of gross profit through a reduction in turnover or a rise in operating costs
  • Indemnity for loss of rent linked to the impossibility of using the premises while the damage is being repaired

Why take out Office insurance?

The best professionals

Your office in the best hands; our experts will help you to take out the Oficinas insurance most suited to your business.

Automatic reappraisal

The capital of your insurance will always remain updated so that, in the event of a catastrophe, any possible indemnities will correspond to the real value of your goods.

Repair service

Our repair teams offer you the best assistance, and they will quickly manage any intervention that needs to carried out in your office.